I hate that I keep having to do this. I’m so unreliable and terrible. Apologies you dedicated readers but Monday’s update will likely be delayed until Wednesday but you’ll get two chapters by the end of the week or I’ll die trying. I’m busy packing and applying to jobs atm.

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Next Chapter on Monday

Hello all! It’s your inconsistent translator coming with another no update notice! Chapter 19 will be posted Monday. I’ll owe you an extra chapter later.

Also, I have midterms coming up in the next two weeks so updates might be sporadic until November.

Thanks for sticking around despite my slow updates!

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Not an Update

Hi! I know I said there would be an update today but it’s currently 7 PM and I only have 30% of chapter 13 done so uh I don’t think it’s happening ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’ll have it finished by the end of tomorrow.

I’m busier than expected with school so I actually might end up cutting back to two chapters a week.…

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