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Onii-chan was cold.

Subtly cold.

No, I think it’s the natural distance for a knight guard that I met for the first time the day before yesterday.


When onii-chan’s repeated downpour of pampering stopped, my maiden’s heart asked “oh why?” when the sweetness came to an end.

A girl in love is greedy.

“What are you doing, Michiru?”

Piet-kun asked as he flew around me.

“I made the face of a girl in love teehee1.”

“…like this?”


A toddler stone spirit displayed a stunning “teehee face”.

“Ahhhh, cute! Why is a boy’s “teehee” face so cute!?


Piet-kun did a backward somersault in the air in delight when he was poked by me.
It was like doing continuous lifts without a horizontal bar.

“…Well, you’re a child so I’ll forgive you because it can’t be helped!”

I’m an adult zashiki warashi so it’s true that I’m not as cute or charming as a boy,

The cool knight Cainlot Dentavis, 23 years old and with the onii-chan attribute, observed us from the corner of the room.

My guard, caretaker, and fiancé (kya ♡) stared at me and Piet-kun as if looking at a cat.

I want to think there’s love…

However, he only stares, not stroking or feeding.

Just looks.

When I was getting concerned about his gaze, Lina-san seemed to feel the same way and said, “Cainlot-sama, if you have no business here, please guard outside the room.” But he said, “No, I’ll guard『One Loved by Spirits』here on standby in case something happens,” and wouldn’t go away.

What do you want to do!

I stuffed it into my heart but it seemed difficult for Lina-san to get rid of the knight devoted to his duty and she shrugged at me.

“In that case… Cainlot-sama can come when called.”

Lina-san said with a while that stretched her whole face.

“Let’s talk a bit about the plans for your marriage.”

“Plans for marriage!”

Cainlot-san’s body jolted in surprise and his eyebrows wrinkled.

When I saw that expression my chest ached.

Ah, I understand. Cainlot-san regrets saying that he’s going to marry me.

Yeah, last night’s behaviour was so disgraceful that it made the feelings of the serious knight who tried to marry me out of duty withdraw.

It made him think “I don’t want to be married to such a woman even though it’s for pretend.”

I was disliked that much by the kind onii-chan….

Cainlot-san was so kind that I got carried away with misunderstandings.

I was convinced that the word “cute” was a compliment and it contained a little affection but it only contained a little of his true feelings.

I’m a stupid zashiki warashi.

I’m suitable for squatting in the corner in the room so that I don’t catch the eyes of other people. Unlike Maki-chan who’s the leading character, I’m just a supporting character.

It wasn’t a position that could be loved by the cool knight….

I want to say “Sorry, you don’t have to marry me” but I can’t.

Because I can’t live in this country without protection.

It would be easy for aristocratic strangers to take me from Estelia to other countries.

The only way I can live with peace of mind is by clinging onto Cainlot-san’s kindness because I was『One Loved by Spirits』

“Come on, Cainlot-sama. I need to talk to you so please come and join us.”

“I will leave it to Lina, so please make appropriate decisions.”

“I can’t do that. For Michiru-sama’s marriage of convenience for protection, you should have a rough idea of what to do with the ceremony and have another meeting.”

“So you should pick suitable arrangements, I don’t mind.”

“You don’t mind! Aren’t you getting married? What does this mean for the woman? Cain?”

I sat on the sofa and submerged myself into the sea of masochism as I listened to the conversation between the two. (Ah, I’m bothering you, Cainlot-san, sorry) I thought while hanging my head, blinking to dry my tears.

However, some of them fell onto the knees of the dress and to make it worse I sniffled with snot that continuously appeared.

At that moment.

“What’s wrong with Michiru!? Does it hurt somewhere!?”

Cainlot-san who should have been annoyed by me soared from his place by the wall like the wind and lifted me up to place on his knees!


“What’s wrong? Does your head still hurt? Is it your stomach?”

A beautiful knight looked into my face at point blank range, deep blue eyes shining with a serious light.

“You were happily playing a little while ago…”

The palm of his hand was placed on my brow.

“You don’t have a fever.”

In addition, he touched my cheeks and neck.

Finally, he came to my head and stroked it before pulling back with a taken back look.

As expected, I was disliked!

Cainlot-san panicked when he saw tears spilling from my eyes again.

“Michiru, Michiru, where is it painful? Are you feeling unwell?

The worry is because if『One Loved by Spirits』gets sick, he can’t do his job.

I won’t misunderstand anymore. I won’t get the wrong idea but it’s kind of sad….

“I’m not sick,” I shook my head. Then I struggled to get off Cainlot-san’s knees.

“That’s dangerous! Don’t struggle, Michiru. Where does it hurt?”

Hugged by Cainlot-san, I tried to say “please let go” even though I was crying but the words that came out were different.

“Onii-chan is cold!”


Cainlot-san suddenly let go of my body to grab my shoulders and said “What do you mean?” up close.

“Onii-chan is angryyyy!”

With a grimace and snot dripping from perhaps a very ugly face, I said to Cainlot-san with tears spilling.

“I’m not angry!”

This was a cool and beautiful knight to the last but he objected loudly as if surprised.

“I’m really not angry at all! Why would you think that…”

“Today’s onii-chan was different from usual!”

“No, that.”

For some reason, Cainlot-san faltered here.

“I’ve been thinking about various things.”

“You’re angry about yesterdayyy.”

“I’m not angry! Stop it, Michiru! Don’t misunderstand!”

You hate meee!”

“I don’t hate you! I could never hate Michiru!”

“I”m very sorry and will apologize, onii-chan, onii-chan…”

“I don’t onii-chan to be cold,” came the harsh cry of the zashiki warashi sitting on the lap of the puzzled Cainlot-san who recovered to hold me and say “There, there, you’re a good girl so don’t cry,” while beginning to rock me.

From the corner of my field of vision, I saw Lina-san’s figure crumbling into the carpet saying, “Cain… that’s not the way to calm her down….”

I was held and rocked sideways and as a bonus “good girl” was said to my forehead (Lina-san seemed to fall onto the carpet when she saw) for some reason (Huh? Maybe Cainlot-san doesn’t hate me?), Cainlot-san said to me who stopped crying at due to relief.

“Michiru, onii-chan was bad. …I didn’t know but I was bad.”

The knight Cainlot admitted he was wrong even if he didn’t understand, is this okay!?

And, Osawa Michiru, 21 years old, nodding at his words while sitting on a handsome guy’s lap, is this okay!?

“Michiru-sama, please take this warm towel.”

Furthermore, a lady-in-waiting with two children was giving me a warm towel with an elegant smile. Was this okay!?

“Cain is bad.”

Lina-san’s tone toward Cainlot-san was cold.

“What do you mean?”

“That attitude toward Michiru-sama!”

She pointed to me as Cainlot-san wiped my face (Lina-san gave it to me but he took it).

“What was Cain’s attitude of irrationally spoiling when you met Michiru-sama this morning and making her think it was her? And not leaving the room but keeping yourself at a distance while watching her without moving. I won’t ask what happened last night, but I can see that Michiru-sama also has no idea and I feel that you suddenly pushed her away.”

“No, but.”

“Michiru-sama apologized about last night, didn’t she? So what is with you!”

“That, Lina, last night….”

Now, Cainlot-san’s face was dyed bright red.

“Michiru, getting you off my knees doesn’t mean I hate you, okay? Is this okay?” Cainlot-san gently set me on the sofa and stepped out onto the balcony with long strides. Grabbing the railing tightly with both hands, he looked up at the sky.

Caintlot-san looking up at the blue sky with his blue eyes was really cool but when I wanted to look, he glanced at me with a smile and waved his hand and my face turned red again, so I looked up at the sky in case I interrupted something like meditation.

So I waited quietly for Cainlot-san while drinking the tea that Lina-san made.


Lina-san said.

“Cain is not a bad child. However, he is a little different… but he won’t harm Michiru-sama so even though there are a lot of worries, will you believe in Cain?”

If it’s Lina-san asking, who knows her nephew’s thoughts, I have to say yes.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

Cainlot-san who returned with a cool expression returned to the room from the balcony so we discussed the marriage ceremony. Only the head of the Dentavis family would be told that the marriage was a pretense and that the marriage would be done immediately without an engagement ceremony to show that the marriage between『One Loved by Spirits』from another world and Cainlot-san was one of mutual agreement and to show off the good feelings between them.

“Now Michiru-sama, please do not call Cainlot-sama ‘onii-chan’ in the future please.”

“Eh, why not?”

“Is it bad?”

“Please stop. Because…” Lina-san replied to our overlapping voices.

“A married couple calling each other that seems to be a little abnormal,” she said in a small voice. Cainlot-san and I exchanged looks.

“So what do I call you? Cainlot-sama?”

“It’s so formal now.”

Said the disgruntled onii-ch…Cainlot-sama.

“I…I will come to terms with it with the restraint of a knight no matter what you call me! Come now, Michiru!”

Hey, why are spreading your arms out as if to physically accept me?”

Maybe it’s a custom in this world?

Then, let’s follow along with the custom!

“I, Osawa Michiru, understand and will do my best to accept it!”

When I shouted “dear” and jumped into his arms, Cainlot-san hugged me tightly and muttered “…what a dangerous weapon!”

I don’t understand what he meant? I tried to look up at his face but I couldn’t see it because Cainlot-san was holding me so tightly. I struggled in the arms of my strong husband while flustered. Lina-san sank into the carpet for the third time saying “Cain, you’re such a child….”

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