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“It hurts, it really hurtsー”

I said pitifully as soon as I woke up, holding my head. Even my voice echoing in my head is painful.

Not good, I did it again.

It’s a dreadful hangover.

I wonder if the alcohol in this world didn’t suit a Japanese constitution… sorry, I lied.

I drank an unbelievable amount yesterday!

“I think onii-chan carried me on his back and put me in bed like last time.
Darn, I feel like I lost the memory of onii-chan’s piggyback.… Ah, that’s not possible, I have no doubt it was a lecture on drinking too much. Although I received a lecture on “not drinking too much,” I drank until I lost my memory….”

I got up from the bed and muttered in a hoarse voice that didn’t echo in my head.

Ah, I don’t want to be scolded by Cainlot-san….

I’m not an M1, so I don’t want to be scolded even if Cainlot-san was a lovely cool knight with silky ice blue hair.

Well, I won’t be punished so it’s fine.

…I won’t, right?

He wouldn’t do that to his cute little sister, right?

Anyways, my head hurts. Even onii-chan’s charming voice would be a deadly weapon to me right now. I’ll ask him to scold in as quiet as a voice as possible.

“Good morning, Michiru. What’s wrong?”

Uah, even the voice of the cute Piet-kun is painful. The inside of my head is ringing.

“Good morning. I have a headache because of a hangover.” I said in a small voice to the toddler spirit when he flickered into sight.

The toddler held both hands over this mouth, “that’s bad!”

Then he tilted his head in a cute manner. “What’s a hangover?”

“Hey, Piet-kun is a spirit, so can’t you use magic to cure illnesses?”

“Spirits don’t get sick so I don’t know how.”

“How disappointing.”

“U….” Piet-kun was useless and dejected.

I rubbed Piet-kun’s head who had tears in his wide eyes. “I… I don’t want Michiru to be sick.”

“Thanks. I’m just happy that you’re worried about me.”

“But I want to help Michiru. I want to fix your pain because I want to make Michiru happy.”

That’s too cute!

Staring at me with teary eyes, the feelings of a hungover female university student were violently shaken.

“You’re good boy. Well, why don’t I have Piet-kun use magic to get rid of the headache?”

“Using magic? If I do that Michiru will be healthy?”

“Yeah, I’ll feel cheered up after receiving Piet-kun’s nice feelings.”

“Please tell me! I want to make Michiru healthy!”

Ah, am I worth the pure love being given to me? I thought for a moment but then something similar to Maki-chan’s face said “You deserve it!” in my mind, so I decided not to worry about it.

Piet-kun recited, “Pain, pain, go away!”

“Michiru’s pain, pain, go away! Pain, pain, go away!”

The little hands and the calls of “pain” made my head pound. Hang in there. It was a little ticklish and I laughed involuntarily.

“Ah, are you cured? Michiru is laughing. Pain, pain go away!”

The frantic incantation of the spell is so cute.

“Pain, pain, go away! …Ah, is this the pain?”


Piet-kun showed me something in his hand.

“It came out of Michiru’s head.”

It was a little misty lump, like a very dark grey cloud.

“Go away!”

Piet-kun said and then threw the lump. It emitted a light and then disappeared into the air.

“Wow, how interesting.”

The toddler is overjoyed.

Is it a requirement for spirits that everything they do have to shine?

“Yeah, the glittering light was pretty.”

It was like watching a small firework and because I love sparkly things, I forgot about my headache to watch Piet-kun’s hidden talent(?).

“It’s still there. Pain, pain, go away!”

“Oh, it’s also in your stomach. Pain, pain, go away!”

He took a marble-sized grey lump from my head and threw it, then my body and threw it, and so on until he finally said, “There’s no more,” while sweating.

“That was very interesting! Michiru had lots of fun!”

“In my country, my mom did this spell.”

After smiling at Piet-kun with a look of respect and patting his head like a good boy, I said “ah…” without thinking.

“What’s wrong?”

“My headache got better…It doesn’t hurt at all.”

The hangover headache that was so intense it made me nauseous was completely gone.

This… Is this because Piet-kun’s spell worked?

Was the cause of my sickness the grey mist that Piet-kun threw and lit like fireworks that disappeared?

Maybe the stone spirits had some great power they were hiding. And『One Loved by Spirits』can draw out their power.… Ah, I had a bad feeling about this.

“…I’ll verify with Maki-chan later. I have to look for past records of『One Loved by Spirits』to see if this power was only mine or also applied to others. I have to be careful because I can’t carelessly talk to other people about this.”

Good grief, I wasn’t prepared for a different world!

Well, thanks to Piet-kun, I was in perfect shape! I (of course thanked Piet-kun and didn’t forget to give him a hard talking to to forbid him from talking) then prepared for the morning with Lina-san’s help.

“That’s right, come to think of it, Cainlot-san didn’t come this morning.”

It was a very quiet morning.

My onii-chan with his Worrying Syndrome didn’t by to check on me after drinking so much or even come to lecture me.

As I enjoyed my breakfast slowly, I tilted my head at Lina-san’s word of, “Yes, he’s not coming. Cain didn’t come.”

“Yesterday, Cainlot-san gave me a piggyback ride back right? I wonder if he was really amazed I was drunk for two consecutive days and gave up on me…”

My face became a little sad. Lina-san said “It’s not that!” reassuringly.

“As the object of his protection, the very sweet and and indulgent Cain would never give up on you. Rather, he is overjoyed to take care of you.”

Wait a minute.『Overyjoyed』feels dangerous!

“Incidentally, last night you weren’t brought back on his back but in his arms.”

Lina-san demonstrated a princess carry. “And, Michiru-sama’s arm was around Cainlot-sama’s neck like this.” She gestured in a clingy connection.… Eh, really!?

“Michiru-sama, you don’t seem to remember anything about this.”

“Yes, I don’t remember at all. Uwaー”

I held my head.

What a nuisance I  became just because I was his fiancée!

I wonder if Cainlot-san was offended by that.

Even though I was depressed, I stubbornly ate the dessert fruit.

While I was drinking tea after the meal, Cainlot-san finally appeared.

I, I wasn’t waiting for him or anything!

I just wanted to apologize for yesterday.

“Cainlot-san, I’m very sorry about yesterday!”

I put down my cup, got up, and bowed my head as Cainlot-san came in and apologized.

“I caused you trouble again…sorry.”


There was no reaction.

I lifted stealthily raised my head to look at Cainlot-san’s face.

Cainlot-san, who wore the knight’s uniform this morning, was undisputedly handsome. The knight with his uniform blue eyes and hair and cool look was watching me with an unusually strict look but… isn’t his face red?

Is this maybe… he’s pretty angry?

Wow, scary onii-chan!

“Michiru, er, you were pretty drunk but… do you remember what happened last night?”

Cainlot-san said while I was feeling nervous and for some reason averted his eyes.

“I drank with Maki-chan, laid down on the table… I don’t remember the rest very well.”

“You don’t remember!? Did I pick you up? You don’t remember?”

“No, not at all. I was on the bed when I was conscious again. By some chance, did I do something rude to Cainlot-san?”

For some reason, I have a bad feeling about this!

I apologize for yesterday!

No, I will apologize for today!

“I’m sorry! I’m really sorry! I did something very rude but I don’t remember. It won’t happen again. From now on, I will seriously hold back on drinking.”

Should I kneel?

Hey, do you want me to kneel?

While I was seriously thinking about getting on my hands and knees on the carpet, Cainlot-san said,

“No, don’t apologize, but rather… I absolutely don’t mind that you don’t remember, and apart from that, especially with the marriage agreement, it is therefore part of a husband’s duty to care. Truly, I completely do not at all mind, if Michiru wants to do it, don’t hesitate. From now on, Michiru can do anything you want!”


“I will take it with all my strength!”


I don’t understand what Cainlot-san was saying at all because it’s too incoherent.

Unconsciously, I looked into his eyes and tilted my head to the side like Piet-kun. Cainlot-san had a bright red face for some reason, said “wait,” and went out to the balcony.

“Michiru-sama, what did you do last night?”

“I only remember drinking with Maki-chan, feeling good, laughing, and getting sleepy.”

Lina and I grabbed the balcony railing with both hands and looked into the distance, watching Cainlot’s actions in worry.

“Ah, what did I do yesterday? Cainlot-san seems to have suffered quite a lot of mental damage.”

“Yes. For Cainlot-sama, the『Ice Fang』who is said to be calm at all times and is cold-blooded in battle, to be upset to this extent… Really, what’s wrong with Cain?”

It seemed that it was Cainlot-san’s state was so unusual that Lina-san was absentminded.

We completely had no idea of what was going on in his mind and from the room “Michiru, don’t you remember? Last night um, um, …I am a knight of Estelia, I shouldn’t be flustered like this! Don’t be discouraged! Am I… discouraged? Why!?” the mysterious muttering of the onii-chan became inaudible.

We had to choice but to wait while drinking a second serving of tea, and chatting with Lina-san about the differences in marriage practices between this country and Japan.

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T/N: Michiru broke onii-chan (´∀`)

Updates next week might be late. I have three exams OTL but then freedom! (Until I start working full time over the summer anyways.)

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