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“It seems like Senpai is getting married first. Yeah, cheers! Congratulations on your engagement, you got an mothering ikemen knight, nice!”

“Thank you for your words!”

I clinked my glass against Maki-chan’s glass. Bubbles rose from the fizzy pink liquor inside the glass.

The alcohol content was a bit below sake and I took a breath after chugging it. Opposite from me, Maki-chan took a breath at the same time.

Yeah, we’re appreciating each other’s hard work.

After taking a bath this evening, I was in Maki-chan’s room having a girl’s only drinking party and getting as drunk as we want.

Of course, I was made to listen to the worried Cainlot-san’s insistent lecturing and repeated promises not to drink too much before I came here.

And despite wearing soft slip-on shoes and being able to walk by myself, Cainlot-san carried me in his arms overbearingly, his beautiful face at point blank was like stabbing a nail into my heart in a brutal way. Cainlot-san was currently standing by in front of Maki-chan’s room.

It seemed like onii-chan’s restrictions had intensified with the engagement. I was loved by a yandere!? Maki-chan brought to my attention that “Senpai’s zashiki warashi’s slime half has grown since yesterday. A human bride was not acceptable,” she came to that conclusion.

That drunk huh?

“As expected from a different world, accepted practices are different from Japan.”

Maki-chan sat, poking a finger at Piet-kun who was sitting on the table and playing with a grape-like fruit. He said “ah” as he was repeatedly poked.

What, “ah,” this sparkling toddler with a head like an aurora.

It’s useless to be cute! I’ll poke at him until he rolls!

He seemed to like the『Rolling Piet-kun』game. Maki-chan and I took turns rolling him and he laughed happily while scattering glittering light powder around.

As expected, I am a genius at dealing with spirits!

Oh, was it Maki-chan that came up with this game?

“In this world, women are weak and men should protect them.”

Maki-chan said while pouring alcohol. There were maids but it was troublesome to talk with them so we poured our own drinks.

“It’s much better than being oppressed. Because we want to have『One Loved by Spirits』in our country, let’s marry her to a noble! I feel angry thinking that men have that way of thinking.”

I poured some red liquor.  Put some ice in. I don’t know how they make it, but it was clear, high quality ice.

“Yeah. I also have to get married because we want to add the bloodline of the『Saviour Priestess』to the royal family! I’m angry and fed up with men like that! I want to determine Estelia’s Glittering Crown Prince Izran’s character but I’m leaving it alone with his excessive advances.”

“Maki-chan doesn’t seem to have a time limit. I want to get a cheat from God that makes men scream and be afraid when the fields are burnt as far as they can see.” I made a radical remark while feeling peevish.

“Isn’t that possible with the power of a zashiki warashi?”

“I’m not a yokai.”

Next time I’d like to snack on something like cheese while drinking alcohol and getting drink little by little.

“Sorry, my pretty loli-faced Senpai. Aim for the heart of the ikemen knight.”

“Stop it, you’re mental!”

The magical girl looking Maki-chan posed laughing and sticking out her tongue and I fell down on the table.

“…If I looked like an adult, Cainlot-san wouldn’t have said he would marry me. Jumping into a fake marriage. I’m just a sister through and through.”

“Senpai… I don’t like that what if story.” The cool or rather sober Maki-chan said.

“Whatever you look like, Senpai has a well-defined and interesting character. And, the contents are cute too.”


“Like that, you’re going to struggle to hit the bull’s-eye when it comes to love.”

“Love? Love!”

“You’ve completely fallen.”

I looked forward to the day after tomorrow. I got the feeling that my cheeks were hot not just because of my drunkenness.

Maki-chan who finished drinking vigorously said.

“It doesn’t matter what you look like. Even if it is related, you can use it as a weapon. Senpai, that knight asshole had the nerve to say that he “won’t touch you with a finger even after getting married,” what a joke. Please, we’ll set a goal to make him fall in madly in love and cling to you.”


“I’ll ask you for a definite and detailed report of seductive techniques.”

“Uh? Seductive techniques?”

“You’re a couple, so you can do anything OK ♡”

“It’s OK ♡?”

“Let’s go for it, shall we?”

“Ehh, I’m going to sleep with Cainlot-san!?”

“We’ll make that man swallow his words about not touching you with a single finger and french kiss him with the sexual allure of a zashiki warashi!”

“No, a zashiki warashi wanting sexual allure is a mistake! And I can’t do a french kiss!”

“A man, roll, roll , roll.”

Piet-kun who had been continuously rolled by the drunk Maki-chan fell off the table.

“The story is hard to understand but rolling is really fun.”

Flying lightly, the pure and innocent spirit, Piet-kun, who didn’t learn his lesson, flew back to Maki-chan.

I’m glad you didn’t understand the story.

“Senpai… the Glittering Crown Prince is surprisingly black1.”

“Really? He’s not a glittering young master?”

“Yeah, he’s different from the intial impression of a simple and silly person… I kind of like it.”

Drunk, the『Saviour Priestess』of the country of Estelia laughed.

Is this okay?

Is it good that the Priestess Princess is like this, Estelia goddess?

“Well, that’s good if that’s the case. Good fortune to the Priestess Princess and the Glittering Crown Prince.”


We toasted for good luck in securing our favorite good looking men.

“Michiru! Don’t drink so much…”

“Hee hee hee, Onii-chan, don’t be angry.”

I had a large proportion of slime and grinned at Cainlot-san while lying on the table. On other side, Maki-chan was similarly lying on the table. “Senpai, I’m watching your skills,” she said with a suspicious laugh.

“Because if you get drunk, Onii-chan will carry you back to your room on his back.”

“Oh, do you want to be carried on my back!?”

The beautiful, serious and level-headed knight was completely shaken.

“I’ll carry you on my back as often as you want if that’s the case. For the sake of your body, drink in moderation…”

“Ah, onii-chan is so nice, teehee, onii-chan!”

“Senpai, do it!”

If the『Savior Priestess』said so.

“I want to be carried. I want to see Onii-chan’s face.”

And, I can behave recklessly with drunken vigor!

“Hey, if it’s okay, why not a princess carry?”

“A, ah, of course I don’t mind!”

Cainlot-san gently held me in his arms and I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed my cheek against his and said.

“Ah, I made a mistake. You’re not my onii-chan.”

“You can call me onii-chan, I don’t mind.”


I whispered with my mouth close against his ear.

“It’s not onii-chan, dar・ling2.”


“Is husband better? Hey, dar・ling?”


“Hey, the『Ice Fang』is frozen!” Maki-chan declared loudly and immediately fell asleep.

“Teehe, dar・li…”

Leaning against Cainlot-san’s chest I also seemed to fall asleep and my memory stopped from that point.

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  1. I’m assuming this is referring to a “black personality” aka someone (secretly) manipulative/sly.
  2. the word used here is “anata” which means “you” but is typically only used by wives when calling their husbands and can be translated as “darling, dear, honey, etc.”

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