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Even though it was pretense.

Marriage with Cainlot-san.

Marrying me?

A marriage without love with an ikemen onii-chan?

Even though my maiden’s heart was shattered into smithereens didn’t mean the talk of marriage to a cool and beautiful (though in reality he was an overprotective onii-chan) knight stopped. Lina-san who had been thinking silently said, “…It’s not a bad idea.”

Eh!? It’s not bad!?

“With the marriage of Michiru-sama and Cainlot-sama, a knight of Estelia, Michiru-sama would gain the status of a formal citizen of Estelia which allows the nation to protect Michiru-sama in a dignified manner. That is to say, it can significantly reduce the number of opportunities other countries have. Even if Michiru-sama gains knowledge of the world while traveling to other countries, Estelia will always have the formal right to protect you. But, if you marry another person in Estelia, that house would never let go of Michiru-sama who is『One Loved by Spirits』.”

“Yes, given Michiru’s status, he will also have a strong influence over the royal family. There is no way they would let go of『One Loved by Spirits』once they obtained it.”

Cainlot-san nodded.

“I suppose it would be good if there was mutual love with the man. However, now that we want a quick a marriage as possible, there is regrettably no time to nurture the love between a couple.”

In other words, I had no choice but to marry a person from Estelia I didn’t like or a member of a royal family from a different country I didn’t like.

“The backing of the Dentavis family is valid in Estelia but has less of an impact in other countries.”

Is it marriage at the front gate or marriage at the rear gate.

“However, when the other person becomes Cainlot-sama, it becomes a different story.”

Even though he was her nephew, Lina-san used honorifics for him as a knight.

Except when she was scolding him!

“Cainlot-sama is not only one of the most skilled in the Knight’s Order but is also a knight faithful to his duties with a serious and honest way of living.
And because he is from the Dentavis family, he does not want any more status or power.”

“Ah. The Dentavis family has enough being the Dentavis family.”

How great the Dentavis family is!

“If Michiru-sama wishes to divorce, I believe Cainlot-sama and the Dentavis family will agree. Of course, If Michiru-sama is amenable, it is possible to become a real couple with Cainlot-sama.”

“Eh, a real couple!?”

My eyes blinked at the unexpected bomb thrown and ahh my face grew hot. Covering my cheeks with both hands, I looked sideways at Cainlot-san.

“Lina! You’re scaring Michiru.”

Misunderstanding, Cainlot-san said to Lina-san with a harsh voice, and patted my head with a large palm.

“It’s okay. Don’t hate me, Michiru. Grant me your favor. Will you take it easy and rely on me?”


With a blush and wet eyes, I looked at the ikemen knight who was raining me in sweet and gentle affection through his eyes.

“You’re so red… no matter how you look at it, you’re too defenseless. Even you you look very young, you shouldn’t carelessly show such a face to a man.”


“I’m tell you not to look so cute in front of other men. What if strange men took an interest in you? Indeed, it is dangerous to take my eyes off Michiru. I wonder if there will be a man I can entrust you to. Yeah, I won’t allow a reckless man to get close to you. I’ll be that man.”

“That’s… is that so?”

“Yes. Didn’t I say I would protect you? This is a knight’s vow, a man’s vow.”

The hand stroking my hot cheeks was so comfortable that I looked up at my overprotective onii-chan knight and held it down. He gave me a free smile full of affection.

“I’ll make you happy. Is that alright?”

Cainlot-san bent down to whisper to me, love shining through his deep blue eyes.

“Ah… sweet! How sweet! Sweet syrup is coming from his mouth!” came Maki-chan’s voice.

“What is this, what is going on! Isn’t this an impossible fake marriage? I really don’t know how handsome men from different worlds think!”

“Well… Cainlot Dentavis? Is this really him? No, is this actually a body double? This is a completely different person from the『Ice Fang』,” the voice of His Majesty the King followed.

“A fake marriage? To go to that extent of a fake marriage for a woman? The knight Cainlot, the impregnable『Ice Fang』, would go that far… Lina, what have you two been doing?”

“I am very sorry, your Highness. My Cain who is supposed to be a straight-laced, cold and rigid knight to women… for various reasons has a very strong and rather annoying peculiarity when it comes to protection….”

Lina-san answered the Queen’s question with a sigh.

“The moment he met Michiru-sama, Cain became more unmanageable than an ice dragon protecting her chicks.”

“An ice dragon protecting her chicks! What a terrible and inconvenient existence!” The grandfather priest shouted and covered his head with both hands.

I don’t understand but I know that onii-chan is like a monster… yeah, a really annoying and terrible dragon!

“Yes, Chief Priest. I believe that is exactly the case. However,” Lina-san did not deny the priest’s remark. For some reason her eyes glittered with a flash of light.

“In order to protect『One Loved by Spirits』, a person a match for an ice dragon protecting her chicks is quite suitable… don’t you think so?”

Lina-san smiled faintly.

It’s kind of scary.

“Our Cain will smash each and every noisy and greedy insect that swarms around Michiru-sama with their schemes without a single change in expression. If a person is too noisy, he will freeze their whole house so that they will never see the light of day again. Everything is for the sake of Michiru-sama. Cain is a refreshingly merciless man to protect those under his protection.”

Hey, Lina-san’s evaluation of Cainlot-san is really scary.

“With this, the country of Estelia will be safe. Yes, there’s no question of it.”

“Michiru will be protected by her brother. I will completely eliminate anyone who tries to hurt you. If you like, I don’t care if the country is destroyed, hahaha.”

“This is not a question!” was written on the faces of the two members of the Dentavis family, Lina-san who had the sensation of a breakthrough and Cainlot-san who had gone into pampering mode without worrying about the eyes of other people.

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