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It can’t be helped that everyone was curious about Piet-kun but nothing would get done just by watching the spirit so everyone sat down at the direction of His Majesty the King to begin the emergency meeting about『One Loved by Spirits』

“Princess Michiru Senpai was originally a princess from another world brought here by the work of the Estelia God as a honored guest of Estelia. Now as I understand it, she is『One Loved By Spirits』.”

The grandfather priest who appeared to be the facilitator of the meeting said.

“This is a tremendously joyful event. This is the first time in a hundred years that『One Loved by Spirits』has appeared in Estelia. Oh, how grateful I am.”

“…Is that so?”

“That is correct!”

I timidly asked and was told “that’s right!” encouragingly by the grandfather whose eyes sparkled and glittered like that of a young boy’s.

“I would like Princess Michiru Senpai to stay in the country of Estelia for a long time hereon out. This must be the divine protection of the God of Estelia!”

They have my last name wrong.

But at this point it’s fine.

“I understand how you feel, Chief Priest, but we mustn’t coerce『One Loved by Spirits』.”

“Of course. Princess Michiru has come to Estelia from another world just yesterday. Isn’t there still time to look upon the future after being bewildered by the unfamiliar environment?”

The king and queen admonished the excited chief priest.

A rare animal has appeared! As expected of the cornerstone of the country, they were both calm adults despite the rather excited atmosphere.

“Princess Michiru, Estelia’s own『One Loved by Spirits』, appears to have an honest desire to live in this country. However, it is Princess Michiru’s decision to make after thinking about it carefully.”

The grandfather’s face showed he was taken back at the king’s words. He bowed to me, saying “I, of all people, put a burden on Princess Michiru Senpai’s heart. I am deeply sorry.”

“Oh, I don’t really mind. It’s okay. I was relieved to receive a warm welcome.”

I handled the Chief Priest’s deference like an adult. I thought it was pitiful that the grandfather was shaken up.

“Just a moment, if I may,” Lina-san said, standing beside me as if to protect me.

As the wife of His Highness’s little brother (probably the first man I met), she should be at the table as a member of the royal family of Estelia. However, she was at my side along with Cainlot-san to demonstrate that she would protect my interests as a member of the Dentavis family.

Lina-san is a handsome lady-in-waiting!

“I agree with His Majesty the King and his wife. Michiru-sama does not yet know enough about this world. I believe that the decision about her future should be postponed for a short while until she gains the knowledge needed to make the decision.”

“I agree. However…”

The chief priest wrinkled his eyebrows but as he was originally a wrinkled grandfather it was hard to see.

“If it was learned that Michiru-sama as『One Loved by Spirits』had appeared in Estelia, the temples and royal families of each country will not be silent. Whether to celebrate Michiru-sama as a Priestess Princess to revere or to marry her to the royal family, in either case, Estelia will be put under intense pressure.”

Eh? Marriage to another country was too hasty. Wasn’t that a political marriage!?

As a 21-year-old young lady with no romantic experience, my dream marriage was to be with a person I love!

How powerful was Estelia in comparison to the whole world?

Ah, Maki-chan was right. There were too many things to be looked into. After all, my fate was at stake.

“How about a temporary engagement with an aristocrat of Estelia? I’m sure the Duke has a son of appropriate age.”

An unknown man said but Lina-san objected.

“That would too overt a maneuver and I’m afraid would receive accusations of restraining『One Beloved by Spirits』.”

“You mean to say an engagement would be too weak?” The unknown man said.

I’m worried about not knowing the speaker forever, so I whisper to Lina-san “who is that?”

“I apologize for my rudeness. My name is Seradin, Michiru-sama.”

“Ah, I’m sorry.”

The unknown man posed with a hand on his head1. He’s a good-looking man with a surprisingly mischievous character?

“I am Seradin. I am the youngest brother of the king and help manage government affairs. Lina-san,” here, I gave Lina-san a side-glance. “Is my dear wife.”

“You don’t need an adjective at this time, do you?” The pump beauty Lina-san said with a cheerful smile.

“I’m sorry, my true feelings leaked out.” His Highness Seradin laughed in return with grace. Even though his son is old enough to get a job, he seemed to be deeply in love with his『Beloved Wife』.

Oh, I’m not jealous. I’m not jealous.… I’m jealous.

If I’m going to get married, I want to marry a man I like and will always love me.

Do I have to be engaged to or marry an unknown man to get protection in this country?

I’m just a 21 year old girl who had her first kiss yesterday (and it was even just an emergency kiss!) who dreams of love.

He may be handsome with money and status but can you live with a man who you haven’t met before?

I bit my lips in anxiety.

…Eh, I became a little timid.

Michiru, hold on!

Hold on… and….

From my side, I sensed an aura. The onii-sama knight and the, 『Michiru-tan is my favourite』, toddler spirit watched my face with worry.

“Michiru is scared. Are these people doing nasty things?”

“…I’m still young. I can’t help being scared when suddenly talking about my engagement with a man from another world. But on the other hand, if I’m taken to another country, that would also be a burden for Michiru.”

I’m still not used to the country of Estelia but somehow I got acquainted with it and I was also involved with the Estelia God who seemed to have a good character. I don’t want to be taken to a country I don’t know at all and I don’t want to leave Maki-chan yet.


While thinking about that, Cainlot-san saw my face, a bit tearful and with a difficult and shuttered expression, and said to everyone in the conference room.

“I will marry Michiru.”


The meaning of the words didn’t make sense in my brain and they just scattered.

“I will marry Michiru. I’m a lower-ranking aristocrat of the Dentavis family and therefore of royal blood. And if a lower-ranking aristocrat fell in love with Michiru, other countries would be understanding of a sudden marriage.”

The ikemen knight gave a cool reason.

I see, if it wasn’t a political marriage to detain『One Loved by Spirits』but a love match then other countries would have no choice but to give up.


Is he talking about me!?

A lower-ranking aristocrat fell in love with me!?

Cainlot-san and I are going to get married out of love!?

“Ca—Cainlot-san, um.”

I was so surprised by the shocking remark that, while talking to the beautiful form of the kind onii-chan knight, I tuned blue instead of red.

“Marriage? Marrying me?”

“That’s right.”

“But, does Cainlot-san have a lover or fiancée?”

“There is no such person.”

“But, but, I just met you.”

“Didn’t I say I would protect you?”

“You said that but just as a guard or a caretaker as your duty.”

“I want to protect you outside of it being my job.”


Is this a proposal?

The day after my first kiss, I was suddenly proposed to?

Wasn’t that an emergency measure!?

I was flustered and looked around.

It’s no good, everyone had surprised faces like idiots!

Maki-chan was saying “Ahhhh!” in a funny voice!

“Um… are you sure, Cainlot-san?”

You want to turn this plain looking little girl that looks like a zashiki warashi into a bride?


Cainlot-san laughed gently as usual and stroked my head.

“It’s okay. I will take good care of you.”


“I won’t lay a finger on you.”


“I will protect you until the man you really want to marry appears.”


My maiden’s heart had frozen.

My first proposal.

Was a proposal for a fake marriage aaaaaahhhhh!

Aaaaahhhhhhh! Onii-chan you idiot!

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  1. posed like “こりゃあしまった” but I have no clue what this means.

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