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It’s only been a day since Maki-chan showed me the mysterious and beautiful cluster of quartz while I was eating gelato ice cream in the university cafe.

Yeah, that was just yesterday.

My life was exhausted in Japan. Because I loved stones, the yandere-like stone spirit managed to send me to the country of Estelia because it loved me back. And, as a bonus, in addition to being able to hug the stone spirit, there was a surprisingly beautiful and cool looking ore-sama ikemen who was an onii-chan knight who spoiled me with everything he had.

And if that wasn’t enough, I became some sort of important person『One Loved by Spirits』that I didn’t know anything about and was likely a sign of trouble.

Was this good luck?

Originally, I was supposed to have died but I came to a different world with handsome men, got to wear pretty dresses (though not suited for me), ate and drank delicious things, and was praised and fussed over.

But I didn’t really want to take a trip to a different world and it was more fun to look at stones than to be popular. It would be good if I could live as a normal university student and eat delicious ice cream.

Well, Maki-chan couldn’t help it because she was originally from here. There seemed to be a lot of work as requested by the Estelia God. The job of the『Savior Priestess』was perfect for Maki-chan who was beautiful, bright, and had light footwork.

But what will happen to me, feeling like I’ve been dragged into something, after this?

Cainlot-san, who was holding me, stopped in front of the conference room door in the corner of the royal palace. Lina-san followed behind us.

Sitting on my shoulder was the stone spirit, Piet-kun. The aurora-haired pretty boy who didn’t seem to understand what was happening seemed to sense my tension because he said, “It’ll be okay because I’m here and I’ll protect Michiru,” and clenched his tiny fist.

I’ll ask you again when you’re 15 years old and 12 times as tall!

“Michiru, don’t worry.”

Here were the words of a good looking grown up man.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of. No matter who your opponent is, I will always protect you.”

An ikemen knight had gentle eyes filled with affection, or more precisely, filled with soothing a frightening child to give them peace of mind, and again the pounding of my maiden’s heart’s was useless.

This was too stimulating for my heart. I knew these were just the words of a hardworking knight doing his duty but I wasn’t immune to good looking guys.

With my heart racing, I looked at the beautiful form of a knight with silky ice blue hair and dark blue eyes and covered my hot and flushed cheeks and said, “Cainlot-san….”

Reflected in his blue eyes, he whispered in a sweet voice.

“Michiru… Do you mind calling me onii-chan?”

Ahh, really what a disappointing and persistent onii-chan!

Isn’t there a chance of love blossoming!?

Is there no possibility!?

“Cain, please murmur that dangerous thing only in your mind. If that was heard….”

With Lina-san sighing, we opened the door and entered together.


Before one’s eyes in Cainlot-san arms was the『One Loved by Spirits』. The roomed was filled with silent roars.

They were astonished to see Piet-kun sitting on my shoulder.

And they were surprised to see the cool-headed and skilled knight, 『Ice Fang』, holding me, a little girl, in his arms.

Wai—wait, I can’t endure this anymore.

There was His Majesty the King and his wife and the Crown Prince Izlan, the head priest, and members of the royal family I had never met and finally Maki-chan the『Savior Priestess』with a female attendant.

Oh, the attendant was the lady I saw in Maki-chan’s room.

This older sister was more experienced than others (yeah, everyone had their mouths open foolishly!) and turned to me with a pleasant smile and a slight bow and nod.

Uh huh, Maki-chan luckily seemed to have a reliable lady-in-waiting, good.

“Um… a spirit, uh, um.”

His Majesty the King stared at Piet-kun with in mute amazement.

“Oh! I can see the spirit! The day that I can see spirits with my very own eyes has come!”

I had a good impression of the head priest.

Wow! It’s fun to talk like you’re in a RPG game.

“Oh dear, that’s a spirit, oh my, that’s the knight of the Dentavis family holding her in his arms, oh dear!”

Her Majesty was busy with double the surprise.

And Crown Prince Izlan, full of admiration and adoration for Maki-chan and embracing her by her waist, seemed to be surprised. Maki-chan sent me a message telepathically.

『Michiru-senpai, did you falter?』

『I haven’t fallen yet but I’m at a cliff’s edge.』

『The Glitter Prince is useless and annoying』

『Be patient because it’s following a template.』

The female university students had a conversation on the spot using only eyes and facial expressions.

It was like a wild panda appeared at Tokyo station! While everyone was staring with vigorous force, Piet-kun tugged at my hair.

“Michiru, are you being bullied?”

“I’m not being bullied. They’re all on our side, it’s okay.”

When I answered, Piet-kun flapped his wings and flew forward with his head tilted slightly to one side.

“I’m Piet. I’m Michiru’s friend and protector. Nice to meet you.”

Everyone was instantly defeated by Piet-kun’s cuteness who smiled and shook his smooth hair. Again『fu ooooooooh』welled up in a soundless roar.

“As expected of Michiru-senpai. It’s a very interesting visual, a zashiki warashi with a spirit on your shoulder.”

“Maki-chan, Senpai is not a zashiki warashi but a university student.”

I am a senpai who can teach my juniors properly.

“Now everyone, I know you’re very curious and want to know what’s going on, but it’s time to begin the conference about the main topic at hand.”

In addition, I can give directions to everyone in the conference room who had faces like they couldn’t resist playing with Piet-kun.

As『One Beloved by Spirits』I can offer guidance to the leaders of the country of Estelia.

I, the big success, told the knight looking at the surrounding with cold eyes, “Cainlot-san, thank you very much, Please put me down.”


Cainlot-san replied and gently lowered me onto a very splendid chair set at the splendid table in the conference room.

Hey, isn’t this like a throne?

Cainlot-san, who put me down on the super seat of honor at the head of the table stood beside me. When I glanced up, I was shocked to see him in his rarely seen work mode with a cold and stiff expression.

What a cool ore-sama ikemen knight!

He was an exact match for the knight’s uniform!

And Lina-san stood on my other side.

In other words, I’m sitting on a throne at the head of the table with attendants on either side like an extremely important-looking person!

Is this okay!?

“Michiru, what’s the matter? Is something bothering you?”

“No, I’m fine.”

Piet-kun, who was sensitive to my feelings worried over me. I rubbed his head with my fingertips affectionately. The little boy laughed “oof” with a delightful face.

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