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I sat on the bed and endured Lina-san and Cainlot-san’s gazes.

On my shoulder was a little boy who was playing with my hair, unconcerned about the situation.

Although I bullied him just now, watching them trembling to that extent…. Maybe humans other than me don’t care?

“Michiru, tickle tickle.”

As Piet-kun was tickled by a bundle of hair, he immediately flicked my fingertip to roll off my shoulder. Without being discouraged, he lightly flew back to my shoulder and began to braid my hair into fine braids this time.

“I’ll make Michiru cute.”

The spirit seemed to have nimble hands and many fine braids began to dangle from my head. I have a feeling that if all my hair was braided this way, I would look like a reggae uncle.

I grabbed Piet-kun and dangled him by his clothes.

“Don’t play with a girl’s hair. If you’re not a good boy, I’ll take off the pendant.”

“No, you can’t take it off. I’m a good boy.”

Piet-kun hurriedly returned to my shoulder and sat down properly. He knocked his head in a sly one-man show and said “right?”

Then undo the braids!

With that sort of feeling of communicating well with the stone spirit that had suddenly appeared, Lina-san and Cainlot-san finally regained their senses.

“…It can’t be, a spirit made an appearance.”

“What should we do, Cain? I can’t believe that Michiru-sama is 『One Loved by Spirits』. We must inform the Head Priest and His Majesty the King to discuss this event.”

Oh? Is this such a serious situation?

“Hey, what is that? Is this a bad thing?”

I was under the protection of the Dentavis family who seemed to have a lot of power and I was relieved that I would be safe in the future. I don’t want my position here to get worse because I’m『One Loved by Spirits』.

Cainlot-san said, “No, rather it’s the opposite. But when the very precious existence of 『One Loved by Spirits』came from another world, Michiru-sama will no longer be a problem only in Estelia. Other countries may move against Michiru. Though I don’t believe anyone will harm Michiru….”

“There are many countries that want to surround themselves with『One Loved by Spirits』who are said to perform various miracles by borrowing the power of spirits. It is said that a country will prosper just because there is『One Loved by Spirits』.”

“…There are other countries?”

Listening to Cainlot-san’s and Lina-san’s explanation, I realized my position had changed again.

I didn’t know anything about the world here.

And, I seemed to have become a ridiculous existence despite not knowing anything.

How troublesome!

I tried to sneakily take off the pendant.

“Michiruuuuuu! Don’t take it offffff!”

When Piet-kun noticed the action, he clung to my finger.

“Wait, wait, don’t take it off, I won’t be able to talk.”

“Piet-kun, it’s very disappointing but it seems that we can’t get along with each other with peace of mind. The gem is very beautiful but I’ll return it. And there was never any talk of me being『One Loved by the Spirits』….”

“I’m staying with you! I’ll be a good boy to protect Michiru and make you happy, so wait a minute and don’t take if off please!”

I tried to run away from the trouble right in front of me in a straightforward manner but I was flustered to see tears spilling from Piet-kun’s eyes.

“No, I don’t think it’s so serious you have to cry like that….”

“Because I promised to protect Michiru, I won’t let anyone do anything bad, so please don’t take it off.”

The little boy was crying.

Hey there, this was too pitiful.

I felt like I was a villain who made toddlers from a different world cry.


Looking at Cainlot-san’s face, his expression was very sad.

“Michiru-sama, the spirits have a very deep bond with those『Beloved by Spirits』. When their partner loses their life, the spirit is so overcome with grief that they weaken and disappear,” Lina-san said quietly.

Cainlot-san nodded.

“If Michiru rejects him now, the spirit can fall ill and it could lead to a terrible situation…”

“For example, it would be like a baby abandoned by its parents.”

“How cruel!”

Cainlot-san’s expression, which was gentle towards children, distorted.

“Or maybe it’s like a beloved fiancé who has another lover and vanishes on the day of the wedding.”

“That’s too terrible!”

Cainlot-san turned his face away from me.


“I get it! I understand! So stop it!”

I couldn’t stand it anymore and shouted.

I’m the worst!

I’m a certified villain!

When I glanced at Piet-kun, he looked up at me with perfectly round gold eyes filled with tears that implied『abandoned』.

“Sorry, Piet-kun. Don’t cry. I won’t do it anymore.”

The teary-eyed toddler pressed his lips tightly together and nodded.

Hey, being cute is useless!

While I was stroking Piet-kun’s head affectionately with my fingertips, Lina said, “Since Cain is here, I’ll go report and arrange a meeting.”

“Leave it to me.”

In that case, Lina-san went to report the major incident of the appearance of『One Loved by Spirits』to the king and the temple!

Since this seemed to be a big deal, the meeting would be held in the evening since everyone was busy with work, and to let the king and head priest have time to prepare. Apparently, Maki-chan was attending so I was looking forward to showing her the cute Piet-kun.

Spirits don’t eat, so it’s a pity that I don’t have the pleasure of feeding Piet-kun sweets, but he hung around me flapping his transparent aurora-colored wings in a good mood and faced Cainlot-san to ask “Are you Michiru’s friend? I am too. Let’s get along.” which tickled the heart of the onii-chan.

Yeah, Cainlot-san was kind to children.

Let me say it out loud.

He’s not a lolicon!

And it’s also not boys love!!!

“Michiru-sama, it’s time. Let’s go.”

Of course Lina-san was also participating. I changed into a stylish dress for an audience with the king and wore heel pumps again while being held by Onii-chan. Slip-on shoes gave off too much of a casual feeling.

I could walk alone if I was escorted separately but I lied to help the stupid princesses, so I couldn’t tell him not to carry me anymore.

“Later, I will…uh…choose some shoes for you, but until then I’ll take you where you want to go.”

The area around Cainlot-san’s eyes was slightly red. Lina-san’s eyes widened listening to his words.

“Shoes… Shoes!? Cain, there’s no way.”

“Ah, don’t misunderstand! Michiru wasn’t asking me for shoes with that kind of intention!”

Cainlot-san’s face became even more red while making an excuse to Lina-san.

Later, I asked Lina-san about the significance of『asking for shoes』and rolled around on the bed, writhing in pain “Ahhhhhhhhhh!”

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