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“…Um…this, this is…?”

The tiny flying boy was staring at me while stammering.

The boy’s cheeks were dyed red. He repeated himself.

“He-hel…hello. I’m… Piet,” he repeated while  stuttering.

A boy with silky long hair that glittered like an aurora and clear golden eyes. A future pretty boy! I shut away my delusions. But for now he was a young child of 15 cm in height!

And attached to his back, there were two thin wings that shone in colors of an aurora. He ignored the laws of physics and used them to fly through the sky.

Is this a fairy?

I wonder if it’s bad?

“Um, um… Michiru…I want…to get along with you…”

“Ah, sorry, sorry.”

The tiny boy that introduced himself as Piet became teary-eyed under my appraising gaze.

I apologized for the time being because I didn’t have the hobby of making cute boys cry.

I apologized but I wouldn’t fall for an easy trick.

It’s a big mistake to think that anything can be forgiven because its cute.

“Piet-kun. How do you know my name? What are you? I really want to get along with you but I have to be a little cautious with an unknown boy….”

When I spoke his eyes widened into perfect circles.

“I won’t do bad things. I won’t bully Michiru! I came to protect Michiru.”

The sparkling toddler who could be crushed with one hand said “protect” with a chest puffed up with pride.

However, his fighting strength didn’t seem like it could withstand a blow like a finger flick to the forehead.

“That’s right, you’re a good boy. Then, can you introduce yourself so I can understand?” I said, peering into his very small eyes.

“A good boy has a good explanation for entering a lady’s room without permission.”

He held his tiny hands over his mouth with an “ah” and apologized “…I’m sorry for entering on my own.”

“It’s because I’m a stone spirit. I’m just a spirit that begged for Michiru’s sake so Michiru was brought here. From now on I’ll make Michiru happy. I promised.”

“I see.”

That’s what the Estelia God said. Because I would die if I was in Japan, a stone spirit took advantage of Maki-chan and brought me to Estelia.

Then does this make this child my benefactor?

While the teary eyes were cute, too much bullying was pitiful.

“That’s so, a stone spirit. I’m very much in your debt!”

When I smiled cheerfully, Piet-kun’s face lit up with his own smile.

“Yeah, that’s right, I’ll help! From now on, I’ll look after you!”

“Wow, you’re a motivated spirit.”

“Please take care of me, I’m just a spirit. Because Michiru likes stones, spirits also like Michiru. That’s why it almost shook Japan to save Michiru.”


Now we’re dropping such amazing and surprising information!?

If a stone spirit rocks Japan, it will be a disaster!

“I was just trying to make Michiru into a bride but I almost made magma spurt with an earthquake.”


“I thought that Michiru would be happy in Estelia so I put up with it.”

It’s good that you endured it!

A lot of my important people live on Earth!

I’m really glad magma didn’t gush out.

The Japanese stone spirit is scary!

And the stone spirit had even more horrible news that it was thinking of me as a bride.

Maybe the Japanese stone spirit was a yandere1.

I was so tired that my shoulders dropped and said. “Oh, I’m really glad that you came here even though you almost caused a natural disaster…. Ah, that means this beautiful gem was put here by Piet-kun?”

“That’s right! Do you like it? It’s so powerful that if Michiru touches it, I can appear.”

“Is that right?”

I put the sparkling gem on the pillow.

Piet-kun disappeared.

“I can’t see you? Or maybe you went somewhere?”

I picked the gem up again.

Piet-kun appeared.

“When Michiru lets go of the gem.”

I put down the stone.

Piet-kun disappeared.

I picked it up.

He appeared.

“Wait, Michiru, wait. It’s really hard going back and forth! Really!”

Piet-kun clung to my finger when I was about to place the gem down again.

“But it’s tiring to hold onto this all the time.”

“I’ll do something about it.”

After saying that, Piet-kun vanished.

I tried to put the stone down again but I felt sorry for Piet-kun who came back with teary eyes so I decided to carefully look at the stone and wait.

“The more you look at it, the better it is. It’s beyond the level you’d see displayed in museums on Earth. I wonder if there’s a lot of stones like this in Estelia….”

My heart trembled in anticipation at the thought of encountering new stones.

Since I’m going to live the rest of my life here, I should have fun!

“Michiru, thanks for waiting.”

Piet-kun appeared. He held something golden in his arms and a chain dangled from it. He put the piece of metal on the bed and took the gem I was holding.

Piet-kun vanished and the gem floated in the air.

And then it was placed in the golden ring. Whether or not a stone spirit had the power to work metal, the ring was stretched like candy2, twisting and stretching and elongating until it was a pedestal that held the gem tightly.

“Oh-oh, you’re so good.”

When I received the floating pendant, I undid the clasp and put it around my neck. Piet-kun appeared.

“Keep this with you all the time.”

“I see. Piet-kun is so smart.”

When I stroked his smooth hair with the end of my index finger, the stone spirit boy went “fuwaaa” with a delighted face.

“Please take care of me, Michiru.”

“Yeah, best regards.”

Piet-kun lightly flew up to sit on my shoulder with a cheerful face.


No, don’t fall for it, don’t fall for it!

I inadvertently laughed while thinking back.

While I was lamenting that, there was a knock on the bedroom door.


“Excuse me, Michiru-sama. I have to talk to you…”

Lina-san came in and looked at me and Piet-kun sitting on my shoulder.


Immediately her face froze and she left the room.

“What’s wrong?”

I wonder if she was surprised to see Piet-kun.

This country had magic and was aware of spirits…right?

Was there magic?

Was I summoned here not because of magic but because of the power of the stone spirit under the direction of the Estelia God?

Since it’s a fantasy-based world, I thought there would definitely be magic.

The bedroom door opened again and Lina-san returned.

And then she looked at Piet-kun on my shoulder.

“Michiru-sama, I don’t think it’s true but on your shoulder, that’s…”

“This is a stone spirit, Piet-kun. Please take care of him.”

“I’m the stone spirit, Piet, um, it’s nice to meet you.”

“This is Lina-san. The wife of the younger brother of the King of Estelia and my ally and the person who takes care of me.”

“Wow, alright. I’m also Michiru’s person. Lina-san, let’s work together.”

Looking at Piet-kun with a slightly tilted head, Lina-san voice shook as she said, “Mi, Michiru-sama.”

“Yes, what is it?”

“Is Michiru-sama 『One Loved by Spirits』!?”

Eh, what’s with this chuuni-like3 title.

“Piet-kun brought me here. And he’d going to stay close to take care of me. Right?”

“That’s right, I’m going to help a lot.”

He said with a friendly grin.

Watching Piet-kun grinning and laughing on my shoulder, Lina-san said “Oh, my! Oh, my! Ohhhhh! ” and then her voice rose “Cain! Where are you, Cain!? Cain! This is very bad!”

She shouted while leaving.

What in the world happened to the calm Lina-san that she was agitated to that extent?

This child doesn’t seem like a bad child?

I tilted my head at the delighted looking and smiling Piet-kun on my shoulder who said, “we got on well.”

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  1. someone obsessed with love to the point of violence
  2. amezaiku – the art of candy sculptures, very cool
  3. someone with delusional thoughts that usually involves manifesting special powers

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