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In the end, Lina-san wanted to say that since the two of them, Lina-san and Cainlot-san, were from the Dentavis family I should use their position to my advantage and choose the Dentavis family as my sponsor since it had been decided I would live in Estelia after coming from a different world. And it seemed like Cainlot-san wasn’t a lolicon (I felt like that was really emphasized…was it just my imagination?).

The man in question, Cainlot-san, was completely unaware that he was suspected of being a lolicon… Hey!

“If Michiru-sama is alright with it, the Dentavis family can formally enter into guardianship with you. You can also choose the temple as your sponsor. You can choose the life of a shrine maiden dedicated to the Estelia God, but I recommend if you wish to live close to the common people or as an aristocrat, to pick the Dentavis family. Eventually, you can marry a noble or a member of the royal family.”


I see. In this world if a young woman doesn’t have any ability, she can chose the route of a bride in order to not miss any meals.

I’m still 21 years old but it seems like Estelia people married young so I’m getting left behind.

My head was making me a little dizzy.

“I recommend that Michiru goes through with the process of getting temporary guardianship from the Dentavis family. It’s possible that unsavory people may try to use Michiru as part of their own schemes.”

“Yes, I think so too. Since you came from another world and don’t know anything, someone may try to make you into a convenient puppet.”

“How, how scary…”

“Princess Maki has been officially proposed to by his Highness, the Crown Prince, so no strange meddling should come about.”

“That’s right. I’m in a delicate position right now….”

After thinking about it for a little bit I said, “I’m sorry, but I would like you to take temporary guardianship. Please take care of me,” I bowed to the two.

“Michiru-sama, please raise your head. This is a great honor for the Dentavis family.”

“That’s right. Besides, didn’t I say I would protect you? Don’t think too much about it and depend on me.”

The two said kindly but Cainlot-san added “So you can behave like a courteous princess after all,” damnit!

That’s not the kindness of a lolicon, isn’t it, Onii-chan!

Cainlot-san asked the other knights to guard me while he went through the procedures to make the Dentavis family gain temporary sponsorship.

“Michiru-senpai! Are you okay?”


Maki-chan came to my room. She seemed to be occupied with something and while standing took the warm tea Lina-san gave her and drank it in one go with a “fuu.”

Hey, how manly!

My hands were on my hips!

“I wished I prepared in advance in my sleep before being summoned! Since coming here I had to cram as if studying for a test! Seriously not pardonable!”

“Good luck, Priestess Princess.”

“What few words! Thanks for your encouragement of my feelings that had been shut away!”

When Maki-chan set down the cup she stood in front of me on the sofa and bowed while saying in a small voice.

“Senpai, it seems like I have a lot of power so I’ll make use of it to persuade the Crown Prince to make a comfortable place for you. Senpai is my senior so I’ll definitely protect you. Please do what you want with peace of mind.
…Like collecting stones, or collecting gems, or collecting jewels.”

“Oh, I’m going to collect stones!”

“The story is that you came from the Dentavis family right? I think it’s probably not a question that you should use their influence. It doesn’t seem to be a family like 『the villainous shadow rulers of Estelia』.”

“There it is! That’s often in manga settings!”

“I think it’s because of the power of the elder sister goddess that compels the people here to be good in comparison to everyone on Earth….” Maki-chan said with a meaningful black smile surfacing on her face.

Wait, is the Priestess Princess in charge of the dark side!?

“But it’s possible that there’s a small villain living in the aristocratic society,『Status is power』, so be careful not to let your guard down. Well then, see you later!”

After she raised her hand, Maki-chan left.

I also raised my hand to see her off.

“She looks so busy.”

“The Estelia God must have asked a lot of her I guess.”

“Michiru-sama’s feeling must have calmed down after talking to her. You came from the same country after all.” Lina-san smiled.

That’s right. It’s a good thing to have someone you can go to and talk freely with.

Someone to drink alcohol with and have girls talk with. It’s important.

I yawned, feeling spent.

“If you want, why don’t you take a nap in the bedroom? Cain can’t come close so don’t worry.”

I pouted and blew out air but accepted the offer to lie down a little.

Crying makes you tired!


After taking a pleasant nap, I found something placed at my bedside that had me tilting my head.

Did Santa Claus leave this?

In this world did Santa Clause leave diamonds at people’s bedsides?

It’s super big!

As my mind blurred by itself, I picked up the brilliantly cut gem of about 2 cm in diameter that was reflecting blinding light.

At that moment

“Hello Michiru. I’m Piet. Let’s get along well.”


A very small flying child appeared and greeted me with a tilt of his head!

This guy was too cute!

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