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“Michiru is not from this world, so you may not be familiar with your status.”

Cainlot-san gave up on putting me on his lap and stood up from the sofa.

I heard that a knight sitting still in the middle of a mission was an unreasonable act.

At least according to Cainlot-san.

“As obstinate as ever……” Lina san muttered when she heard the remark.

But to talk to the tall Cainlot-san while sitting on the sofa, I had to look up to speak clearly and it was a painful position.

When I straightforwardly said “Onii-chan, my neck hurts,” the wonderful knight knelt in front of me.

What a knight! What an ikemen!

This time, staring at the cool ice blue hair and gorgeous form of the knight, I couldn’t bear the useless fluttering of my maiden’s heart, and finally asked Lina-san for help.

“In Michiru-sama’s country, can you sit down regardless of your status when you have a conversation?”

“Yes, you can.”

“Cain, wouldn’t it be better to follow along with Michiru-sama’s etiquette to reduce the burden on her?”

“……I see. That’s right.”

So, the three of us sat together. How happy.

And then Cainlot-san started his story.

“Do you understand the concept of nobility?”

“Yes. It’s not present in my country but there used to be system of nobility a long time ago so I have a rough understanding.”

“Is that so?”

And then Cainlot-san briefly explained the class system of Estelia.

As expected, it seemed to be a normal monarchy.

“Now, the problem is Michiru’s status. Princess Maki, the Priestess Princess, the only princess sent by God as the Savior Priestess, because of her unique status would understandably have equal to or greater standing to the royal family of Estelia.”

Yeah, after all, the Estelia God personally sent Maki-chan to Japan in order for her to gain the power to save Estelia. You’re receiving divine orders.

There is no substitute for Maki-chan.

Naturally, it would be a position higher than the king.

“But Michiru came to Estelia from another world in an accident. Since it wasn’t God’s intent to summon you, it seems that there are no elements that contribute to a particularly high social position. But when looking at the relationship with the Priestess Princess, it turned out there was a higher position called 『Michiru-senpai』.

Yeah, I’m a senpai in the club.

It’s more or less speaking in honorific language. But just for the time being.

“Furthermore, it was said that it was the will of a spirit to summon Michiru. That is very important to us.”

“Eh? The stone spirit?”

“That’s right. In this world, it is very difficult to receive the blessing of spirits. Because spirits do not come close to the wicked, it became known that Michiru was a pure hearted woman. In other words, Michiru is a princess from a different world that is relied upon on by the Priestess Princess and is loved by spirits, so your status becomes something that cannot be dismissed.”


Sorry, I’m just an ordinary otaku university student.

Ah, I can’t say that even if my mouth avoids it!

“We found out that Michiru-sama was『Michiru-senpai』and the priests learned during the summoning that you were an important person to the Priestess Princess. That’s why Michiru-sama suddenly got me as a lady-in-waiting,” Lina-san said.

It’s hard to imagine a member of the royal family becoming a lady-in-waiting.

“Why don’t I tell you the story of the particularities of the Dentavis family……”

The Dentavis family is a lower-class noble family in Estelia.

The young lady of the house, Linalotte, skipped over the noblewomen to marry the crown prince’s younger brother.

It’s an insane story considering the social positions involved but it’s not actually so.

That is because the Dentavis family was originally the house where royalty descended and flourished among their subjects.

Once upon a time, one of the members of royalty thought it was impossible to rule closely to people’s lives from the prospective of looking down from the top, and it was said he left the royal family to be involved in politics from the viewpoint of a citizen.

However, becoming a complete commoner hindered safety and the ability to work effectively using the authority granted by nobility so, as a compromise, he became a low ranking noble.

Well, it seemed there were many people who disguised themselves as a commoner to sneak into the streets.

Since then, the Dentavis family has adopted the idea of living close to the common people despite being a noble family while reporting to the royal family at the same time. Because they were originally relatives, their relationship to the royal family is more intimate than the other nobles.

And even though it was a lower class, it was still nobility, so they receive education and training as suited the occasion, and have been deeply involved in politics as a flexible entity.

So now I knew the details about the summoning of the Priestess Princess and how Princess Linalotte, who was originally from the Dentavis family, was entrusted with my unexpected presence.

She was a high ranking woman well-acquainted with the circumstances of Estelia and had the ability to be a lady-in-waiting.

“And as a guard and caretaker, I elected my nephew, Cainlot Dentavis. His skill with the sword is sound, among the Knight’s Order he is one of the most serious, his relationships with women was clean, and furthermore, he had the experience of raising up his younger brothers and sisters…… Um, at first Michiru-sama seemed much younger than the Priestess Princess who was thought to be a young person……”

A little girl summoning!

Moreover, a little girl that seemed to be more important than the Priestess Princess!

The people of Estelia would be surprised.

“I am very sorry. Even though Michiru-sama is an adult woman……I couldn’t predict that Cain’s child-rearing mind would catch fire…….”

Lina-san quietly covered her eyes.

And it was an ikemen onii-chan who was a natural male caretaker that didn’t understand what was bad at all.

He wasn’t a lolicon! That was very good!

“Lina-san, please raise your head. Um, I was bewildered to be honest but thanks to Cainlot-san’s tender care I was supported mentally……”

Yeah, thanks to the sugary pampering attacks, I was able to brush off various shocking facts!

I say the different shocking events were remade!

“Until Michiru gets used to life in this world, you can rely on me as if I was your real older brother. Don’t hold back.”

I was captivated by Cainlot’s smile and was struck by the full gentle power of the beautiful form of the world’s greatest male caretaker.

A serious, honest and strait-laced knight.

A natural caretaker knight.

Even though I know it’s the desire for protection from an older brother, my maiden’s feelings were already…….

“So Michiru-sama, Cain is not a man with abnormal tastes for young girls!” Lina-san said very vigorously.

Uh huh. Still Lina-san, I think Cainlot-san’s behaviour is risky!

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