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“Michiru-sama, please take this.”

Lina-san, the lady-in-waiting, offered a steaming towel down to me on Cainlot-san’s lap.

“Eh? What’s this?” I asked Lina-san, taking the towel while wondering about it.

“I think if you warm your face, your feelings will calm down.”

“Hmm, so that’s how it is. Thank you.”

I unfolded the towel and pressed it against my face. It smelled like lavender.

It smelled nice.

I felt nostalgic somehow.

With my eyes relaxed with a warm towel…huh, my tear glands also relaxed.

Tears overflowed.

“Michiru, don’t try to be strong in front of us. If you want to cry, then cry. Mourn as much as you want.”

The familiar touch of Cainlot-san’s warm hand stroked my head.

When I lifted my face from the towel, the ikemen knight smiled. His deep blue eyes were filled with a soft light.

“Do not forget that we are on your side.”

“I……in the original world, I died.”


“That’s why, Japan……I can’t go home. I can’t see my mom anymore.”

“I see.”

“I can’t see my mom, or my dad, or my sister. Everyone most likely had my funeral, and surely they must be sad.”


“I’m like lost luggage without an address. I can’t go home and now I don’t have anywhere to go. What should I do. I’m scared, I’m really scared……”

I held my towel over my eyes and sobbed.

“I want to see my mom. I never thought I would be lost and could never see her again. Why, why was it like this……I just went to school as usual. I told my mom “I’m going!” Those were my last words……Mom……”

“Michiru, you poor thing.”

I was shaking with sobs. The onii-chan knight gently pat my head as I burst into tears.

“You poor thing……”

At last, my embankment collapsed.

In other words, I clung onto Cainlot-san and wailed “Uwaaaaaaaaaan.”

Crying and wailing, singlemindedly crying, I was a crying mess with a runny rose. I eventually got tired of crying and calmed down. Finally, I understood the value of the warm towel Lina gave me.

“Michiru-sama, here.”

Lina-san casually exchanged my towel for a new one while I sniffled.

This person was amazing!

As expected, she wasn’t an ordinary lady-in-waiting.

“Tーthank you very much.”

I still couldn’t speak well due to my shaking chest but I managed to thank her and took the towel to wipe my face. This time, it had a refreshing citrus scent along with the smell of herbs.

Ah, as I thought!

“Michiru, are you calm now?”

“Yes, I’m sorry,” I said to Cainlot-san while casting my eyes downward.

To cling to a man and cry with a silly face……after crying like that I felt like I couldn’t endure being here a second longer.

“Don’t worry about it.”

The onii-chan knight hit my head twice like a small child and lowered me from his lap to sit on the sofa.


I was let go of by the overprotective Onii-chan?

“It looks like Michiru’s feelings have settled so I’ll go out for a bit.”

“Yes, please go.”

“There are other guards in the hallway so if anything happens just shout.”

With that, Cainlot-san’s eyes narrowed fondly and he gave me a dazzling smile. His expression pulled tightly when he left the room. What brisk and cool movement but I guess this was the original form of Cainlot-san.

While I was absentminded, Lina-san took me over to the dresser, “Michiru-sama, let’s dress up a little,” and tidied up my disheveled hair and made me change into a dress with simple decorations.

Oh, did Cainlot-san leave for this?

Why was my onii-chan knight so familiar with woman!?

Whoa, the experience of a popular ikemen knight!

This gloomy feeling!

This really gloomy feeling!

“Your throat must be dry again after crying.”

A fresh cup of tea was placed in front of me as I straightened my dress.

This time it was a refreshing but savory tea like green tea. It was very delicious.

Lina-san really was a super lady-in-waiting.

How long have you been doing this job?


How old was Lina-san?

Calm down, I had to consider she looked several years older than she actually was. That princess was unexpectedly 7 years old, even though she looked about 18 years old……or something like that?

It’s possible!

It’s possible in Estelia!

While I was thinking about it and staring intently to try to judge Lina-san’s age, Lina-san was a little disturbed and said “Michiru-sama, what are you doing?”

“Uh…… I’m really sorry if I’m really off. Lina-san are you possibly 18 years old by any chance……”

“I, I’m 18 years old?”

Lina-san tilted her lovely head to the side with an open mouth. After, she began to giggle and burst into laughter.

No way, are you even younger!?

This precocious young girl!

“I must sincerely apologize.”

Lina-san had a little embarrassed smile and said while covering her mouth with her hand.

“Michiru-sama, you really came from a different world. This was the first time I’ve been said to be 18.”

“I’m sorry.”

“No, there’s no need to apologize. Well then, I’m 30 years old.”

“30 years old……eehhhhhhhh!?”

30 years old!

Lina-san, a gentle and plump beauty with orange hair and pink eyes, was 30 years old!?

What was going on with the growth curve of this country!?

I was so surprised I fell onto the sofa.

“I am married as well.”

No way, a married woman, ahhhhh!

“I have two children.”

And immediately after, a working mother ahhhhh!

“A 13 year old son and a 10 year old son.”

And the children were already big!

“My eldest son belongs to the Knight’s Order.”

The son had a job ehhhhhhh!

“……That looks like fun, Michiru.”

Cainlot-san came back while I had collapsed on the sofa.

“Oh, welcome back, Onii-cha……not.”

“I don’t mind Onii-chan.”

I rushed to get up and offered the sofa. Cainlot-san sat down and naturally tried to put me on his lap.

“No, I’m a 21-year-old adult woman, so I can’t sit on a man’s lap.”



Don’t look at me with such sad eyes!

“Cain, you have to admit that Michiru-sama is a lady.”

“But Aunt”

“I understand that you’re delighted to have a younger sister, but Michiru-sama is an important lady from a different world, isn’t she? It’s disrespectful to treat Michiru-sama like a child.”

“……It’s no good?”

Don’t have such sad eyes!

I’m going to say okay!

Just now, did you call out Aunt?

“Are you two relatives?”

When I asked, the cool ikemen knight with sad eyes said.

“Ah. Lina is my father’s younger sister and the former Princess Linalotte Dentavis. And now it’s Linalotte Estelia. It’s because she married the youngest brother of King Estelia.”

“Isn’t the youngest brother of the king the royal family?! Lina-san, what’s a person from the royal family doing here!?”

“Uh, as a lady-in-waiting?”

Lina-san smiled broadly and laughed.

Uwaaaa, I was being taken care of by a member of the royal family!

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