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T/N: I was at school for 12 hours today. I just want to sleep. Also Michiru’s denial is amazing.

I was held like a princess by Cainlot-san, swaying in his arms as I returned to my room prepared in the royal palace. What just happened repeated in my brain while my mouth was half-open like an idiot.

Because it was my first kiss!

Ever since I saw a cute kiss scene between a prince and princess in a picture book in kindergarten, I had dreamed about what kind of first kiss I would have in the future months and years.

Alas, without the opportunity to socialize with men, of course I wasn’t blessed with the first kiss situation and I was 21 years old when I realized……I was all grown up!

I was a regrettable girl who didn’t have the period of young romance!

That’s it.

With the cool ikemen knight with ice blue hair and blue eyes, the prince in the picture book was likely to run away with bare feet! No, wait, it wasn’t like that, it was too long ago!

That’s it!

It’s been such a long time!

Yeah, I’m all fired up!


Uhiyaa! Uhiyaa! Uhiyaa!

Maki-chan, who had been watching, had a funny voice right!

……It wasn’t a kiss between affectionate lovers but just a treatment for hyperventilation!

I didn’t have any feelings!

But, seriously, my lips and his lips were stuck together.

Rather, my lips were perfectly covered by warm, damp lips……gyaaaaa, I’m embarrassed!

In the arms of the other party, where the lips in question were right in front of me, I couldn’t help thinking about it!

Ah, what should I do, my heart was racing.

When I grabbed at the chest of my dress with both hands, Cainlot-san looked at me anxiously.

“Are you okay? Do you feel bad?”

I was too embarrassed to look into his eyes and my face burst into flames when I saw the well-shaped lips. I couldn’t say anything so I shook my head.

“Your face is so red……Did you get a fever due to shock?”

Even though it’s beautiful, no matter how you look at it, it’s an oresama face. But the contents were a gentle and sweet onii-chan knight who tried to measure my fever and, realizing both hands were full, tilted his head a little over mine.

Gahhhhh why!?

Ahhhhhh, his beautiful lips were pressed against my forehead!?

Where did you come up with such a way to check for a fever aghhhhh!?

After a long, long period of time with『Onii-chan’s loving kiss on the forehead and fever measurement』, he cracked a smile and murmured “It’s okay. A fever seems unlikely.”

I certainly didn’t have a fever, but my face was hot enough to cause a nosebleed, and I was in the arms of a knight who walked to my room as if nothing has happened (Hey, it might be a different world way of measuring fever, and Onii-chan had no other intentions. It’s the calmness of a cool ikemen knight, Michiru. It’s as natural to him as breathing, so it’s useless to care, it’s no good, ahhhhh a forehead kiss!!) I panicked silently.

“Thank you for your hard work, Michiru-sama.”

I arrived at my room in Cainlot-san’s arms, exhausted by the violent shaking of my maiden’s heart.

When Lina saw me, she called out to me very calmly and gently……I’m sure the events in the temple had already gotten around.

“I will make some hot tea. Can you sit on the sofa? Or should I bring it to bed?”

“Are you going to lie down on the bed for a little bit?”

Cainlot-san peered at my exhausted face.

Lie down on the bed?

Yeah, I want to crawl into my futon for a little bit to rest my spirit……but……

It must be God’s revelation that the image of the 『Ice Fang』 getting into the futon with me came to mind.

『Michiru, your Onii-chan will sleep together with you, so you can rest peacefully』

I can’t rest!

“The sofa please.”

My voice trembled a bit and not just because I was shocked by the Estelia’s God’s words, of course!

“That’s right, Cainlot-san.”

“What happened?”

“That……to sit on the sofa……”

“Sit on the sofa.”

Answering with amazing strength, the skillful knight of the country of Estelia 『Ice Fang』was 23 years old.

“No, I won’t sit because……”

Ōsawa Michiru, 21 years old, a university student that had made a trip to a different world, was made to sit across someone’s knees.

Wasn’t this funny?

Wasn’t this using the sofa wrong?

“Michiru-sama, this is herbal tea to calm your emotions. Does it suit your taste?”

The lady-in-waiting Lina-san smiled while handing over a cup. Because I’m sitting on a lap, I can’t reach the table.

Wasn’t this funny?

Here, Lina-san said nonchalantly “you better sit on the sofa seriously” in reprimand to Cainlot-san.

Why was it natural to be on Onii-chan’s lap!?

“You can add honey if you need to make it delicious.”

No, let’s do something about the knight who was sweeter than honey!

“Or do you like to eat sugary sweets? Here is a honey pie.”


A small pie was held up by the knight and gently placed in my open mouth.

The honey that oozed out was very sweet……but!

It’s delicious but!

Cainlot-san looked content while watching my mouth that was chewing on a tasty snack. This was absolutely the act of feeding a small animal.


“Is it good?”

Another was pushed into my mouth and blocked it.

Come on!

I was still chewing but fingers stretched toward my mouth.

“here’s honey.”

My lips were gently wiped and the touch reminded me of the kiss a while ago.

Aaaahhhh! My face was hot.

Now at my absolute the limit, the honey on the finger was brought to my mouth and hearing “……You want to lick it?” was like a rocket launcher attack, please stop!

I desperately declined however “Is that so?” he said while inserting the finger into my mouth with a smile.

“……sweet.” It was a scorched earth missile-like attack, really, please stop!

Lina-san, don’t look up to the heavens while going “fuu……” and making another cup of tea as if you’ve given up. Please save me!

The super sweet teatime was over.

That was enough.

I can be on Onii-chan’s lap for the rest of my life.

But……at least give me this, Estelia God.

Estelia God……Ah, I remember now.

I couldn’t go back to Japan anymore.

Mom, Dad, Sister, I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for dying.

That was my lifespan. It couldn’t be helped.

Even though I’m the youngest, I died first……I’m really sorry.

I want to see you.

I want to see you again and tell you thank you and I love you, you were a good family……Ah, I want to see you!

I want to see you!

But, we can’t meet…….

My head drooped like a wilted flower as I sat on Cainlot-san lap.

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