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After that, I had a feeling the Estelia God was still talking, but I had reached the point were I couldn’t even stand up due to shock and couldn’t remember the content of her words.

The reason I heard the word “stones” several times was because I loved stones.

I was dead in Japan.

I couldn’t go back to Japan anymore.

I couldn’t see my friends and family.

My mouth opened of its own accord and I breathed out haahaa.

It was hard to breathe.

There wasn’t enough air.


I heard the anxious voice of Maki-chan, but I couldn’t speak.

Aa, I was breathing now because we came back to the temple room in the real world from the illusionary meadow created by the Estelia God.

It was weird. I didn’t remember coming back at all.

What was it?

It’s painful and I didn’t remember it well.


Was the air thinner in Estelia than Japan?

I didn’t have enough oxygen.

It’s painful, I’m going to die.

Oh, yes, I was dead in Japan.

So will I die here too?

“Michiru-senpai! Please, calm down!”

The air was too thin.

If I didn’t return to Japan, I’ll die.

It hurts, Mom.

Mom, help me Mom. I’m here. Hurry and come pick me up.

Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom.

“You’re hyperventilating! You’re hyperventilating, Senpai! Ah, what should I do, Senpai?”

Maki-chan was shaking my body.

Stop. It’s hard to breathe.


I heard a man’s voice.

Something wrapped around my body.


It’s not my mother that’s holding me close.

Mom wasn’t hard like this, so who?

Who was this?

“Breathe slowly, Michiru! Can you hear me!? You don’t have to breathe so much.”

No, If I don’t breathe oxygen, I’ll die, I’ll die, it was hard to breathe, I was blanking out, help me Mom, help me…….

I couldn’t stop breathing and my face was pressed against someone’s chest and I struggled to part from it.

“Michiru, there’s nothing to be scared of. Don’t be scared.”


Something blocked my lips.


I was forced to stop breathing. I was surprised and struggled, but a hand on the back of my head held me in place and I couldn’t escape.

I couldn’t breathe……

I couldn’t breathe but I wasn’t in pain.

Rather, I felt more comfortable than just a moment ago.

My body grew weak.

“Ahh, Se-Senpai!”

I heard the very foolish sounding voice of Maki-chan.

If the Savior Priestess Princess spoke like that that would be bad.

No, no, I shouldn’t be thinking about that in this situation, I, I, uh, my mouth was blocked.……My breathing was no longer painful. But. It’s blocked.

What was it?

What’s blocking my mouth?

What was this warm and moist, living-like thing.


It made a chuu noise then it was gone.

“Michiru, it’s okay. I’m here.”

He said with a gentle laugh and stroked my head with a warm hand.

It’s the onii-chan knight, Cainlot Dentavis-san.

Who has the second name of 『Ice Fang』

“That’s right. You’ll be alright if you breath slowly. You’re a good girl.”

The one that blocked my lips.


“Poor thing……it was a shock. To become aware of such a thing, even a grown man would faint let alone a young girl like you……but you’re not a young girl.”

Thank you for treating me like an adult, Cainlot-san.

I climbed one step up the adult staircase……?

It wasn’t a misunderstanding.

I climbed up, right?

“Now, let’s go back to your room. You should rest a little. Does Michiru want to have Lina’s delicious tea?”

Staring at me pitifully, the beautiful knight with his ice blue hair and deep blue eyes, suddenly wiped my lips with his thumb.

My lips.

……did you do something?

“It’s okay now. You have nothing to worry about because I will protect you. I, Cainlot Dentavis will protect you.”

When he held me close and asked “do you understand?” I answered “yes” in a small voice.

“Good girl. Michiru is a good girl.”

Cainlot-san said with a sweet and gentle smile on his lips and lifted me up like a princess.

And then pressed his lips lightly against my forehead.

The beautiful and radiant face staring at me had an affectionate smile. If such a face was made into a man, all girls would faint! I thought deep down.

“Do you mind? I will take Michiru back to her room.”

“No, please take your time and rest well.”

“I understand.”

Cainlot-san’s lips moved with his words.

In front of my eyes were the lips of a knight.

They’re well-shaped lips.


Just now my mouth

Weren’t they stuck together?


My thoughts were very dull because the Estelia God’s explanation had shocked me. I finally understood the reality.

That is.

I’m now with my onii-chan knight Cainlot-san.

He kissed me ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

That was my first kiss ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

My first kiss uuuuuuuuuuuuu!

My first kiss was with the taste of an ikemen!?

“What’s the matter, Michiru? You’re turning red……so cute.”

For some reason, the area around Cainlot-san eyes turned faintly red while he looked at my face.

“Really, Michiru……”

The knight was at loss for words and glanced around the surroundings.

And kissed my forehead.

Stop adding fuel to the fire gaaahhhhhh!

What a bad ikemen aghhhhhh!

My maiden’s mind which was screaming and shouting was really already at the limit!

Cainlot-san, do you understand?

He definitely doesn’t get it!

Aaahhhh, this feeling, somebody!

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  1. DeathFairy Reply

    Sorry Michiru-san, He’s not the type of dense protagonist so He definitely understand

  2. Shallen Reply

    Ok this is the best comfort we can ask for YOU DID WELL CAIN

    Thank you so much!

  3. AngelZWolf Reply

    How to stop hyperventilating:
    Doctors: First ste-
    Cainlot: I got this.
    Blocks breathing, with a kiss.
    Works 👍,
    Surroundings: Wai- what.
    Victim/Michiru: Okay. *Dazed and Visible Confusion*I
    RIP Dad and Sister.

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