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“Now, this way.”

Maki-chan and I moved to the next room after being prompted by the grandfather priest with the brightly colored head.

It was a small room with an altar.

The altar, inlaid with beautiful white and light blue and pink stones, was decorated with various flowers and gems. I was itching to pick up up the fascinating gems but Maki-chan encouraged patience in a quiet voice with “whoa.”


Don’t call out to your Senpai and try to control her like a horse!

“Please sit and relax.”

There was a sofa in the middle of the room. With the chief priest’s, Yuksua-san’s, encouragement, Maki-chan and I sat down side by side. Yuksha-san sat on the sofa opposite and said “now then.”

As soon as we sat on the sofa, the three of us were in a large meadow. The sofa seemed to have moved.

“Wow, how surprising! Was this teleportation magic?” said Maki-chan, who was sitting next to me and holding my hand tightly.

“Where is this place?” I tapped her hand to calm her down and asked Yaksua-san

“This is a world for talking to God. Our consciousness was called by God.”


“Yes, the chair you are sitting in was also prepared by God.”

How unexpected, I thought that God would talk through the grandfather!

Our consciousness’ had been brought to this mysterious space while our bodies remained in the small room with the altar.

I can’t believe the way the grass was rustling and the refreshing scent of the wind were all illusions.

We watched as a figure approached from from the other side of the meadow.

It appeared to be God.

『Yakshua, Maki, Michiru.』

A young woman, in clothes that a fantasy priest would often wear, called our names in a low and calm voice. She wasn’t shining but gave the impression of a normal older sister.

“Great benevolent God of Estelia,” Yakshua declared with a hand clenched into a fist on his chest. That seemed to signify respect for God. Since this was a god of the country, I wonder if the country of Estelia was named after her.

A similar sofa appeared behind the older sister looking god and she sat down.

『I always trouble you, Yukshua』the goddess said with a gentle smile.

“You are too gracious.”

The chief priest bowed his head in response to the Estelia God’s appreciation. I was relieved because she seemed like a kind goddess.

『And Maki. You have returned to Estelia. Do you remember me?』

“……Perhaps we’ve met in several dreams?”

The Estelia God nodded with a smile.

『Yes. We talked at times in your dreams. You came back as the Priestess Princess to save this country with the powers cultivated in a different world. That power will always be with you and will be manifested in Estelia. Will you fulfill your mission?』


Maki-chan answered the goddess without hesitation. I looked at her face in surprise.

This child already understood her duty.

Her role was to use her powers to save the country.

She said she had little family relations in Japan, so there would be nothing to regret looking forward.

But, what about me?

What should I do?

Now the Estelia god faced me and said.



I watched the goddess’ face.

Maybe I’ll be asked something too?

The Estelia God had a sad expression on her face.

『You came to this country……』

The goddess stopped midway through her words to look into the sky. There, there was an image of Maki-chan and I in the university cafeteria holding and talking about the crystal.

When Maki-chan held up the crystal to the sunlight, a blue light fall in a shower over us……and Maki-chan disappeared before long.

“Ah, that?”

In the video, I was eating ice cream at a cafeteria table with an air of innocence,

『Maki’s existence at this point has completely vanished. But Michiru didn’t go like that, so something like a substitution was left in your place.』

In the sky, I finished eating ice cream and stood up with my bag.

“I see, well, until I come back, the double can live in my place instead.”

When I return to Japan, we’ll skillfully exchange places.

I’d be saved if they reliably took notes in my university classes.

Smiling at my words, the goddess shook her head and urged me to continue watching.

I stood up and walked out of school.

I started walking toward the station.

When you go around a corner you came out on a slightly wider road.

A station wagon rammed into the sidewalk!

『The driver tried to pick up something that fell in the station wagon and lost control of the vehicle by accident.』

“How dangerous!”

The video disappeared to be replaced by a new one.

It’s an image of a TV news station.

“At around 4:30 PM today, on the streets of the XX district, there was an accident where a station wagon ran onto a sidewalk and hit a pedestrian. A student at a nearby woman’s university, Ōsawa Michiru, was struck hard by the impact and was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.”

Death was confirmed.

My……death was confirmed?

Was this a joke?

I’m right here?

Why was the news doing this?

Maki-chan, who was sitting next to me, gasped.

“……Estelia God,” I asked with a trembling voice. “What does this mean?”

『Michiru. I imagine this is a shock but please listen calmly. Originally, your life was destined to end at that moment.』

“My life had ended……I was supposed to die in that car accident?”


“If I didn’t come here, I would have been hit by a car and died……”

Seeming sad, the goddess nodded.

『You had done everything you were supposed to in that life and were supposed to die. However……』

The goddess turned her right palm up and the cluster of crystals that served as the key to the summons appeared. That’s the bluish crystal.

『The spirit that dwelled in this stone who was sent to pick up Maki was earnestly requested by a Japanese stone spirit to save Michiru somehow.』

“Stone spirits? In Japan?”

『That’s right. There are few people who can perceive them, but there are spirits in Japan. That stone spirit didn’t want Michiru who loved stones so much to die so young, so they poured a lot of energy into making sure you were involved in the summoning to a different world. What’s why Michiru, instead of dying in that situation, it was arranged so that you would get a fresh life in Estelia.』

“……No way……I’m dead? I died in Japan……Then I, I…”

I couldn’t go back to Japan.

I couldn’t go back to Japan anymore!

“That’s……no way. You mean, Mom……I can’t see Mom anymore? And my dad and sister? I can’t see them?”

『I’m very sorry but that was your lifetime. No one can change it.』

I felt my whole body go pale.

I held myself and screamed.

“Noooo! Mom! Mom! Send me back! Back to Japan! Please, God, I’m not a person from here, let me go home! ”

『I cannot.』

“Somehow, you erased the traces of Maki-chan’s existence. Can’t you do the same to the accident? Make it like I avoided the car.”

『There is no place for you in Japan anymore. It is impossible for me to change the fate of that world.』

“Then, I……”

In Japan, Ōsawa Michiru died.

There was no place for me anymore.

My funeral was held and my dad, mom and sister…….

“I……I can’t see my family anymore……”

I murmured with a hoarse voice and sunk back into the sofa.

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  1. Shallen Reply

    Wow this is unexpected, it’s not like the usual “I died in a car accident and reincarnated into a different world!” kind of story , and it’s actually so sad
    I wonder who big brother will comfort her he better takes good care of her or I will …

    Thank you so much !

  2. AngelZWolf Reply

    Imagine being transported to a different world and THEN dying in your original world 😂. Like wait, I am not even on Earth. But I think it’s cruel to say she did everything she was supposed to do. What about what she wanted to, what if she jumped out of the way, jerk ,’-‘,.

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