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In the hallway of the royal palace and in front aristocratic princesses that liked to gossip, I made an unthinkable request of Cainlot-san. While the onii-chan knight carried me to the temple in his arms, my emotional strength had been whittled down to nothing.


“What’s wrong? Once we cross this passage we’ll be in the corridor that leads to the temple. Look at the flowerbed over there. There are a lot of flowers blooming. Does Michiru like picking flowers?”

We came to a stop in order to see the flowers better.

With this kind consideration, Cainlot-san would be a good dad…… whose child would he be the father of!?

Ah, someone stop my wild imagination please.

“Wow, how beautiful! It’s really pretty! Yes, I like making and decorating bouquets.”

I admired the flower bed to cover up my suspicious behaviour so that I wouldn’t lose his favor.

Oh, wow, there are semi-transparent flowers and they’re colored like stained glass!

The whole flower bed was shining and sparkling with reflected light. I wanted to take a closer look.

I was excited to see beautiful flowers that I would never see in Japan.

There must be many rare and beautiful things in this country. Even that mysterious summoning stone was a very pretty, wonderful blue crystal.

“Estelia has many flowers that Michiru has never seen before. Later, pick the flowers you like and have Lina decorate your room with them.”

“Thank you!……But is that okay?”

Can I pick flowers from the castle flower bed?

Cainlot-san, the adviser, said “No one will mind Michiru picking them at all. The royal family also picks them.”

The height of my position was scary.

Looking at my delighted expression, Cainlot-san laughed.

This person, the gap between his cold expressionless face and his gentle laughing one was too big. I want you to stop shaking this maiden’s heart with your 『gap moe』.

While carried in his arms, I tried to crush the useless pounding of my heart with a desperate spell (Michiru, it’s hopeless if you fall. It’s no good if you become an easy woman.)

“Girls like flowers. What else does Michiru like? Jewels or sweets? If it’s lace, embroidery and beautiful ribbons, Lina knows a lot about it. There are also crafted braids made from beads and wire work. They’re beautiful.”

“Wow, how wonderful! That must be nice!”

I loved cute and pretty things so I’m pleased but.

Wasn’t Cainlot-san a tough and fierce cool looking knight?

How do you know girls’ tastes so well?

Was it because…… you’re a popular person?

Are you experienced in giving gifts to woman?

Ah, what a gloomy feeling!

I wasn’t craving anything so why was I feeling so foggy!

I clung tightly to the hands filled with strength. Cainlot-san smiled and whispered “Do you think you’re going to fall?”

Of course, I was very embarrassed to be held this way. However, this was the result of a fine act that prevented a woman’s head from being separated from her neck right in front of my eyes.

So I will spread my self-assured『I’m Senpai-sama from a different world!』with a clear and proud face. Surprisingly, no one paid attention to us.

Perhaps, in the country of Estelia, it was natural that a high-ranking adult woman was carried in someone’s arms……I completely forgot I looked like an 11-year-old.

And, it was different when it was a lady being escorted but when you were held in a strong man’s arms you seemed to be completely like a child.

If a knight is walking with a young child in his arms 『How gentle. A lost child?』comes to mind.

Well, except for when he was appeasing me, Cainlot-san basically had the face of cold-hearted person. He was an famous and elite ikemen knight with the second name of『Ice Fang』(especially according to woman) so people who saw were a little surprised.

That’s why, barefoot, I arrived at the temple very naturally while chatting with and was carried by an ikemen knight who was in very high spirits for some reason.

“Hieee, Michiru-senpai! What are you doing!? Did an ikemen okan ensnare you tragically!? Wasn’t this too quick, did you become an easy woman in a flash!?”

As soon as I met Maki-chan, Estelia’s 『Savior Priestess Princess』, she pointed at and grilled me with all her might!

Apparently, Maki-chan has also called to the temple and was relaxing since she had arrived earlier. Sticking nearby was the earnest and orthodox ikemen Crown Prince Izlan.

I wonder how his wooing was going?

“……Maki-chan, this was deeper than the sea.”

I replied seriously to Maki-chan who left Crown Prince Izlan’s side to come this way.

“You haven’t fallen yet, have you?”

“I haven’t fallen. Is Maki-chan alright?”

“I won’t give in. A lot of flowers, sweets, jewelry, etc. have been gifted but I’m not yielding. A man is about his character. I have no objections about his looks and financial power but we still don’t know each other very well yet.”

“I think this direction is good.”

But flowers, sweets and jewels were the default!

“And the stones of Estelia are quite interesting. Not only jewelry but raw ores.”


Because I leaned forward and looked like I was about to fall, Cainlot-san’s strong arms held me tightly while he laughed sweetly and said mushy things like “Michiru is a tomboy princess.” His body temperature and smell and other bad things made my maiden’s heart pound without meaning to.

“……Michiru-senpai. Have you really lost?”

I was alarmed.

“I haven’t fallen.”

Maki-chan looked away from me.

“Um, Cainlot-san, can you put me down even though I’m barefoot?”

“That’s no good. You’ll catch a cold if your feet get chilly. Somebody go prepare warm and comfortable shoes.”

Yeah, the excessive care was consistent.

At the direction of Onii-chan, soft cloth slip-on shoes appeared.

I was finally able to stand on my own two feet. Eh, I don’t feel disappointed at all?

“The reason you two have taken the trouble of coming here today is because I was struck by a revelation about an oracle.”

The grandfather I met at the beginning (with a pure white beard and green hair with yellow streaks) told me and Maki-chan. This person seemed to be the chief priest of the temple. Huh, I wonder if he’s the person closest to God.

“Speaking of oracles…… can you speak to God?”

I wonder if God descends into a medium like this grandfather?

The chief priest, Yuksua-san, nodded to us.

“Yes. In particular, there seemed to be a story about Senpai-sama who came as a guardian of the Priestess Princess.”

“Eh, it’s about me?”

Maybe I can go back to Japan?

I wonder if I could go back now because Maki-chan seemed to be alright somehow. Maybe it was because it was her destiny to come here, but she was entirely able to adapt to Estelia.

I smiled in anticipation and looked back at Cainlot-san behind me.

If that’s the case.

If I leave this world like this.

Wasn’t I parting from this onii-chan knight?

There’s a dull pain in my chest.


What’s happening to me?

Why was I feeling shaken about saying goodbye to a knight I just met yesterday, my guard and adviser, who was actually my protective charm and overprotective onii-chan knight?

Cainlot-san of course didn’t  know what I was thinking.

But he must have seen something in my eyes.

As usual, he placed a gentle hand on my head to stroke in a “good good” manner.

“It’s okay. I’m here,” he said with a smile to sooth me.

The warmth of his large hand almost made me burst into tears for some reason. I didn’t understand and blinked a lot to dry the tears.

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    Thanks for the Chapter~ Oof don’t fall yet, maybe; I like that she perked up at stones, maybe she’ll get to research them if she is into that. I wonder if she is actually supposed to be there, probably, so she can’t get back. It’s her fate, which I say lightly, perhaps she can send a message to important friends and family.

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