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T/N: Hey all! Updates will be dropped to 2 times a week instead of 3 due to my busy schedule. Monday updates will continue as usual and then you’ll get another one Wed/Th/Fri depending on when I finish it. Thanks for your understanding and thank you for reading!

21 year old Ōsawa Michiru looked straight at 23-year-old Dentavis Cainlot, a knight who was about to kill the scum about to bring his beloved homeland Estelia to ruin, and shouted a magic spell filled with all her feelings.

In other words 『pick me up』.

Goodbye, the dignity of an adult woman.

But, no matter what I have to abandon, there were things a person had to do.


The knight stopped mid-motion while in the position of drawing sword with a blank expression.


The young aristocratic woman who were in danger of being purged looked at me without saying anything. Their expressions were like their souls were being drawn from their bodies.

In order to break the tense atmosphere in the hallway of the royal palace, I reached out to the escort knight with a shout.

“Pick me up! Onii-chan, pick me up!”


The knight who was so devoted to his mission that he turned into an absolute zero devil king widened his eyes to look at my face.

“You want to be picked up……right now? By me?”

His face was full of disbelief. Expression had returned to the devil king!

“And, you called me 『Onii-chan』……”

Staring at blue eyes that were clearer than a cloudless blue sky, I appealed.

“These shoes are really hard to walk in, they’re no good, walking is no good, my feet are hurting. So, Onii-chan, pick me up!”

I said in one breath and then held both arms to Cainlot-san to 『mimic up』and added a sweet smile for added effect.

“Hey, Onii-chan, pick me up.”

The『Ice Fang』knight blushed and held his half-drawn sword with shaking hands.

Alright, way to go!

Now, take your hands off the sword!

“Michiru……was it that difficult to walk?”

“Yes, it was hard to walk. That’s why my feet starting hurting right away and that’s why I got hurt.”

“How deplorable, I won’t let Michiru get hurt! Now, hold onto Onii-chan’s arms.”

As if the cold aura just now was an illusion, Cainlot-san bent down with a gentle smile and lifted me up.

Alright, like this I’ve sealed both hands of the ice devil king!

This is my perfect strategy!

“Pi-pi-picking someone up? Cainlot-sama picked up a woman?”

“No way…… Cainlot-sama……isn’t he showing a smile?”

Once again, the aristocratic princesses were whispering for some reason.

Everyone’s an idiot!

Don’t say anything carelessly! You older sisters should quickly escape from here!

Saying this and that about the smiling face of an ikemen knight, what if you get struck in the neck again!?

Quickly escape to a safe place while your head is still attached to your body!

Don’t waste my efforts to keep your bodies intact!

My heart was whittled down, my efforts…….

Don’t lose focus here or else everything will be wasted!

Do your best, Michiru!

My consciousness almost suddenly went faraway. I had to hold on tightly in order to persevere I scolded myself.

I wrapped my arms around Cainlot-san’s neck to hug him saying “Onii-chan” while smiling.

And then I turned my head to the older sisters with a serious face and mouthed “Hey! Run away!”

“Well, that child must be proud,” Ringlets-san said while looking at me with loathing.

You don’t understand at all.

The idiot princess was dragging everyone down.

“It’s not like that! Come on, while we can…”

“Kya, what are you doing!?”

I sighed with relief. At least the other aristocratic older sisters understood my signal. I’d be really pathetic if my help wasn’t of any use whatsoever!

At least, except for Red Ringlets-san. You know, that person really incessant on having the wrong impression of me.

The princesses nodded slightly and thanked me for sacrificing myself with their eyes before slowly and quietly leaving the situation.

“Hey, everyonーmhmmmmー”

The unfortunate Ringlets-san was dragged along with her mouth blocked.

“Hey, hey, Onii-chan!”

I distracted Cainlot-san so he wouldn’t notice the older sisters’ escape.

“I want Onii-chan to buy shoes that are easier to wear. Will you? I want you to buy shoes that won’t make me fall.”

“What!? You want me to buy sh-shoes……is that right?”

Cainlot-san’s face became bright red and he averted his eyes from me while muttering “too cute……”

And began shaking his head violently for some reason.

“No, don’t misunderstand! Michiru is still very innocent and doesn’t understand anything. That’s right, because she came from a different world, she doesn’t know. But, if a man who didn’t know heard something like this……it’s too dangerous! As expected, it’s necessary for me to always be by her side to watch over her so that no bad men take advantage of her……”

For some reason, Cainlot-san seemed to be in agony as he muttered to himself about the situation.

“What’s wrong, Onii-chan? Are shoes no good?”

I acted like a 『little girl with a curious face』and tilted my head to the side while my inner thoughts ridiculed and scorned myself (to be caught up in such an unscrupulous performance! You’re giving me goosebumps, Michiru!).

“Ye-yeah, leave it to your Onii-chan!”

With red cheeks, Onii-chan happily accepted the task!

What a magnificent deception!

“That’s, shoes……he’s buying her shoes!?”

“No, that’s a lie! I don’t want to hear those words from Cainlot-sama!” said several older sisters while somehow skillfully escaping from the situation.

Ringlets-san went “Kiiiii!” with a pained face but the other princesses dragged her away. Yeah, the princesses were surprisingly strong.

Ōsawa Michiru, 21 years old, saved a person’s life in a different world!

Now then, I succeeded in saving lives but.

What do I do about this situation?

I couldn’t wear the shoes I threw away when my feet hurt.

So that means I can’t get down from Cainlot-san’s embrace!

“I will buy you shoes that can be easily worn later. But, Michiru……you should never say such a thing to a man other than me. Absolutely not. Do you understand?”

He said with a serious face. The area around Cainlot-san’s eyes were colored slightly red in a somewhat sexy way.

Because I was held in his arms, his face was close! Even though it was an emergency, I really chose a bold strategy.

“Eh? Why’s that?”

Cainlot-san turned his face away and sighed at my question. That was a little sexy.

“That’s……shoes, don’t tell a man you want shoes. No, I don’t think you particularly need to know why.”

Cainlot-san’s tone was brisk and inarticulate.


I didn’t know about this world’s general knowledge or manners so it couldn’t be helped.

I found out the reason later.

The meaning behind the act of women asking men for shoes.

I will put my feet completely in the shoes you gave me.

Put your……completely in me.

In other words, 『please give me shoes』 was a dirty way of saying 『I want to give you my first time!』

I had done the most embarrassing kind of pleading for young ladies in front of the general public!


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    Hello police, i want to reporte a gay who´s called Oni-chan, his real neme Cainlot.

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