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“Now Michiru, don’t be shy.”

Deep blue eyes looked into mine.

A beautiful knight who urged “call me Onii-chan” with a gentle smile on a well-proportioned face.

Where was this ikemen knight taking my heart?

How are you going to save the fruitless beating of my maiden’s heart?

I bet in the end, it’ll be”……I didn’t mean to.” Ugh!

“Now, make up your mind.”

“Time out.”

Stop pressing on my back!

I really don’t want to jump off the cliff!

“It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Now call me ‘Onii-chan.'”


This is embarrassing!

It’s embarrassing just thinking about it!

I couldn’t stand the brutal moe attack by Cainlot-san and pressed down on the chest of the light green dress while breathing heavily.

Covering my cheek with a hand, Cainlot-san began rubbing it.

It’s impossible. I’m going to explode like this.

The onii-chan knight attacked with a double combo of beautiful form and beautiful voice. I was too low level to even cross swords with him!

I must warn myself to not be『a younger sister to the very end』. If a thoughtless misunderstanding occurred of『this is probably me……』and the like, I would become a painful child.

I don’t want such a miserable future!

At that moment, I heard the voices of the pretty aristocratic princesses again.

“Wha, what is that, that girl! To get close to Cainlot-sama to that extent!”

No, no. Look closely.

It’s Cainlot-san that’s getting close to me.

My waist was obviously being pulled back by him. I was held by the waist as if I was a dog getting an immunization.

“Their faces are close, to the extent they can chat in whispers. They seem to be on very intimate terms and have a special atmosphere……”

“That’s not possible! There’s no such thing as Cainlot-sama’s kindness to woman and there’s no way it can be mimicked!”

The older sister with red hair in magnificent ringlets became fired up and shouted.

Is that an idiot?

I think a gentleman knight who was gentle toward woman was much cooler than a tsuntsun1 oresama knight. I wonder if it was because kindness was strong.

However, in the case of Cainlot-san, it was too much!

Too sweet, too sweet. It makes you feel like you’re in a boat floating in a sea of syrup! And the boat has a hole in the bottom!

“It must be some kind of accident……Or it must be something like Cainlot-sama was forcibly threatened. In any case, I won’t accept that he’s on good terms with a woman!”

Fufu, judging from the color of her hair, the red-haired princess seemed pretty temperamental. And, I had a strong feeling that she got the wrong impression.

As expected of Cainlot-san with his ice blue hair. He gave off the first impression of a cool ikemen knight. But was there a man who could rival the aristocratic knight, Cainlot-san?

Oh yeah, I wonder if the color of a person’s hair reflected their personality?

If so, I’m pitch black like my stomach…… No, that’s not right. That’s not right at all.

While I thought about that while looking at the older sisters, I lost my balance and stumbled over my foot again.


I don’t want these shoes anymore!

I’m wearing a dress and can’t see my feet, so it’ll be better to prepare shoes that are easier to wear. And it’s strange that you can’t walk around without a male escort.

I nearly fell if it wasn’t for the two large hands that grabbed my waist. Cainlot-san supported me and asked “Are you alright?”

“Sorry and thank you, Cainlot-san. Come on, not again, my feet……”

When I looked towards the numerous cutting glares directed in my direction, Cainlot-san also fleetingly glanced that way.

Before, I made a complaint about “using his influence to put his hands on my waist” and yada yada yada but now he continued to help me.  If you like it so much, you can take a closer look.

Cainlot-san said in a low voice, “Just now I thought it was noisy. Did you stumble because of that?”

“No, I mean, these shoes……”

“Is that so. I’m a disgrace as an escort to let you come to harm.”

“Hold on, the real reason was because of my shoes…… Cainlot-san? Cainlot-san?”

The atmosphere around Onii-chan changed.

Something like an aura of icy cold anger was rising from his body.

“Something bothered Michiru.”

“Uh, wait a minute, it was the shoes, Cainlot-san!”

Listen to me!

However, the ikemen knight who was emitting an icy aura gently lifted his hand from my waist to touch his sword and turned toward the aristocratic older sisters.

“For what business are you at the royal palace for? I am on a mission under the direct order of the royal family.”


Because the rumored knight that was radiating a terrible blizzard called out, the aristocratic princesses that longed for him went “Ah!”

Yeah, that’s right. Cainlot-san’s aura was too scary.

This was the battle version of his aura.

The face without expression was even scarier because the original face was beautiful.

Because this was a different world, absolute zero rays might come out from blue eyes.

They’re the cold eyes of a beautiful boss character from a game, yeah.

I see, with this intensity it’s not strange for him to have a second name like 『Ice Fang』.

Nice, Onii-chan!

I’ll praise you because I don’t want to turn into an enemy!

After transforming into the terrible version of himself (or maybe this was the real version?), Cainlot-san held the hilt of his sword tightly and spoke to the young women.

The Shinigami2 would be surprised by his cold voice.

“To interfere with a royal mission is the same as opposing the royal family.”

“Such a thing, we……”

“My escort has hurt her foot before of you…… Even though you’re noblewoman you should not have hurt a single strand of hair on her head.”

Oh, I was valued this much?

Well, I’m still Senpai-sama, emotional support of the Princess Priestess after all.

I’m a state guest.

If the Priestess Princess was displeased, the country might be ruined……and then…….

“You are about to destroy the country of Estelia.”

Wait a minute.


That’s right.

To me, Maki-chan was just my university junior but here she’s the Priestess Princess who’s responsible for the fate of the country.

As the senior Maki-chan frankly relied on…… my position of the『Senpai-sama』that everyone prayed to…… and what caused me to get hurt……

Yikes, these older sisters were the『Scum of Estelia』 weren’t they?!

Onii-chan, you’re not seriously going to kill them are you!?

Killing with your sword!

Look, you’re drawing your sword!

Aahhhh, Onii-chan, killing is no good, heyyyyy!

“Cainlot-can! Cainlot-san! Don’t do it.”

I desperately appealed to Cainlot-san to stop the dangerous knight.

“It’s because I’m not used to these shoes! So I’m sure…”

“Your houses will be reprimanded later on.”

“Calm down, Cainlot-san! Don’t be so hasty!”

“You deserve to die for the comitting crimes that threaten to destroy the country of Estelia.”

“They don’t deserve it! I just hurt my foot. It’s no big deal!”

“Therefore, on the spot.”

“That’s no good, Cainlot-san, don’t draw your sword, wait a minute, listen to me!”

It’s no good, Cainlot-san seemed to have changed into an demon ice king and he won’t listen to me at all like this.

Aahhhh, I saw the blade of his sword! This is seriously bad!

I have to stop this!

I have to stop this by any means possible!

I kicked off the damned heeled shoes and quickly stepped in front of Cainlot-san and shouted

“Pick me up!”

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  1. tsundere, a character that is cold on the outside but gradually warms up over time (“I-It’s not like I like you or anything you baka!”)
  2. god of death or spirits of death in Japanese culture

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