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“Rina-san, if it suits you, I could eat breakfast. I don’t think it’s better this way. ”

Cainlot-san was dawdling in my room.

I want to change my clothes and have breakfast so please guard outside the room. Even if Lina-san says she’s worried, it’s unnecessary to stay.

What an overprotective onii-chan.

Was it so hard for children to survive in Estelia that they had to keep such a close eye on them?

“No, no help is needed. Go on, go over there.”

Something seemed different. Lina-san quickly refused.

“But, it’s my duty as Michiru’s confidant to understand her current state.”

“Michiru-sama’s everyday necessities are taken care of by me, Linalotte, her principle lady-in-waiting.”


“Although it is very good to be devoted to your duties, I would like you to return to your original role of『guard』.”


“As such, after this there will be a change of clothes, so gentlemen please leave.”


“Please guard outside the room.”


“Cain, go immediately!”

Onii-chan was startled!

What was that now? That overwhelming position of power that was triggered at that moment?

A maid with red cheeks encircled Cainlot-san with a delighted expression and took him away with a “come along, this way.”

I want to take advantage of the confusion to touch the ikemen too.

And come to think of it, Lina-san addressed Cainlot-san without a suffix, right?

Honestly, I never thought that girl would have bad habits……

And what was that meaningful whispering?

‘Thank you for waiting, Michiru-sama. After breakfast, you will be called to the temple, so let’s change into a new dress that’s a little more formal.”


“I believe pink suits you but there’s a person who overreacts when Michiru-sama is cute, so how about a calming, light green dress?”

“Oh, yeah, that’s fine.”

Lured by the young lady’s words, I changed into a beautiful light green dress adorned with plenty of white lace. Lina-san and the other lady-in-waiting and maids all said “Oh, oh, this was pretty as expected!” I received a lot of praise unsuitable for a zashiki warashi and was satisfied with a delicious breakfast of bread and vegetable soup, soft smoked meat, and fruit jelly.

‘Did you get enough rest?’

When I finished drinking tea after my meal, Cainlot-san came to me with a cheerful smile. Lina-san went to receive a summon.

AhーI think this was similar to the reaction of boy who just started raising a puppy. Don’t misunderstand. Cainlot-san was fond of me like a pet.

“Yes, thank you……what Cainlot-san!”

“What is it?”

“Please stop stroking my head. I’m a 21 year old lady……Cainlot-san, I’m two years younger than you! I’m! An! Adult! Woman! Are you listening to me? ……Lina-san it didn’t work at all〜…….”

When I asked how to escape from the onii-chan knight’s care, Lina-san answered with “I think it would be better to refuse in a resolute manner.” My head swung back and forth like an akabeko1 with Cainlot-san’s petting.

“Oh……that’s right. Still, I wonder if Michiru-sama’s impact will be lacking since you look so young……”

Lina-san held her hand against her cheek with a troubled expression.

“Since you’re two years younger, that makes you like my younger sister. Don’t worry about it.”

“Uwa, he became serious!”

While we were unable to come up with anything Cainlot-san made a distinctly manly declaration.

I was once again lead to the temple by holding his hand.

But this morning, Cainlot-san was warned by Lina-san about the 『little girl’s connection』(that is tightly holding onto my hand). I placed my hand elegantly on Cainlot-san’s held out arm. I was to be formally escorted according to proper etiquette.

From last night, it seemed that a hand on the arm was a couple-only thing.

Why did Cainlot-san suddenly jump from a couple’s connection to a little girl’s connection?

As a popular person, did Cainlot-san escort woman occasionally because everyone couples together?

Hey, you!


While it may be true that you’re extremely cool, I won’t forgive you if you snatch beautiful older sisters one after another!

After all, I’m 『Senpai-sama』!

I continued to slowly walk to the temple, angry at my own selfish delusions even though I had no right to be.

“Oh, it’s Cainlot-san.”

Several princesses in dresses gathered in the middle of the hallway and looked over at us.

Was there any entertainment in the royal palace?

They’re all dressed prettily.

A different fantasy-like world really was gorgeous and nice.

“He’s beautiful today, too……Oh, who’s that girl!? She’s touching Cainlot-sama!”

“What!? Is she touching the hand of『Ice Fang』with two names, the cold and beautiful swordsman who instantly refuses any beautiful princesses? ”

Nevertheless, when the beautiful princesses looked at us, they raised their eyebrows with harsh faces.

I wanted to get along with the princesses……How sad.

And, 『Ice Fang』? How extremely chuuni2, Cainlot-san.

With glittering ice blue hair and wonderful dark blue eyes, Onii-chan deserved the second name of 『Ice Fang』!

I can’t even laugh because it suits him too well!

I strained my ears to listen to gossip about my onii-chan.

“Say, the Cainlot-sama that doesn’t blink an eye for a woman?”

“It’s impossible to approach him. I was told that if one is unlucky, a sword will be thrust at their throat. Wouldn’t you say he’s an intense and dangerous man?”

“To be familiar to that extent, I’m envious……No, how shameless!”

The noble looking older sisters who gathered at the royal palace looked and whispered about us. The hallways of the royal palace seemed to have been built so that secret conversations couldn’t be held. I could hear all of them.

It hadn’t been announced yet, so aside from Lina-san and the attendants under her command, no one knew that Maki-chan and I had been summoned from another world.

That’s why these princesses didn’t know that my position in the country was pretty high because I was the 『Senpai-sama』 summoned with the Priestess Princess.

The jealous eyes of the older sisters hurt, Onii-chan.

And everyone was saying amazing things about Onii-chan.

Maybe Onii-chan was a person that shouldn’t be carelessly touched?

“Of all things, standing next to Cainlot-sama with such plain-colored hair and eyes! And touーtouching him!”

“Oh, I heard black hair and black eyes were common in the neighboring country of Celxious3.”

“Hey, you! This is Estelia!”

“I beg your pardon.”

“Estelia is more traditional and refined than Celxious.”

“But Celxious the origin of fashion trends?”

“I wonder if the trend from now on is black eyes and black hair.”

“My goodness! You’re saying Cainlot-sama can be approached by such a plain child!?”

An older sister with red hair in classic princess ringlets seemed to be the most upset with me.

Are you a fan of Cainlot-san?

You want to chase after him?

The picture of a punk-rock musician Cainlot-san with tsuntsun hair4 came to mind and I laughed a little.

“Oh, I’m not saying that! I just thought it might be popular in the future.”

“Hey.” Ringlets-san, mixed in with the angry princess, said with a dissatisfied expression.

She’s picking a fight.

So, was my hair fashionable after all?

It’s not tacky?

Lina-san skillfully weaved a ribbon into my short hair.

I glanced at it worriedly from time to time. As expected, I stumbled on my heels.



The onii-chan knight who always kept track of my movements and performed missions perfectly caught me as a matter of course.

“Are you alright? Did you twist your ankle?”

“Erm, I’m okay, Onii-chaーCainlot-san.”

Oops, I almost made a mistake again.

I probably shouldn’t be having wild ideas in my head in case I call out『Onii-chan』

Looking at me, Cainlot-san laughed quietly and brought his lips close to my ears.

“……I don’t mind if you call me Onii-chan, you know?”


Foul play!

Breathing in my ear while whispering was unreasonable!

When I turned red and replied with “No, I won’t call you that,” Cainlot-san once again stroked my head.

“Don’t hold back. You came into this world so helplessly. Don’t worry about it and be more spoiled with me. Look, you’re a good girl so see me as ‘Onii-chan’. Hmm? What’s wrong?” He whispered sweetly.

Aahhhhhhh, stop adding fuel to the fire!

The low whisper of an ikemen knight with sparkling ice blue hair had too much destructive power! My maiden’s heart wouldn’t stop burning brightly!

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  1. a legendary cow from Aizu which inspired toys like this . The head bobs up and down.
  2. short for chunnibyou which literally translates to “Eight-Grader Syndrome” and is used to describe people who believe they have supernatural powers and other delusional behavior.
  3. I don’t know how to translate this. If you do, please let me know what セルクシャス should be.
  4. A kind of spiky hairstyle. Like this

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