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“What happened to Michiru? Is she okay? I heard from the maid she was acting strange this morning.”

It was of course, the onii-chan knight, Cainlot-san, who had burst into the room with staggering force.

He wore formal knight clothes this morning and carried a sword on his waist.

Silky ice-blue hair was a bit disheveled along his brow. There was plenty of sexy charm coming from the ikemen knight that was inappropriate for the morning.

I think my appearance of getting up from bed and scratching at my messy hair was also sexy.

Nice, Onii-chan!

Ah, I saw something good this morning!

It appeared that my adviser was informed that I had turned into a frightened cat. The serious Cainlot-san took quick action to carry out his duties as an adviser for a guest from a different world.

To carry out his duties, he didn’t balk at breaching etiquette and stepped into a young woman’s room with cool eyes. Lina-san said “Please wait, Cainlot-san, this is the private room of an adult woman, a bedroom of an adult woman!” while frothing with worry to the completely unhearing knight.

Lina-san『adult woman』is an exaggeration!

“Michiru, did you have a scary dream? Does it hurt anywhere? No?”

While I dazedly worshiped the ikemen knight that had captivated me so early in the morning, he briskly approached the bed with long strides and ripped off the blanket without reservation to pat my head.


“Where are you feeling bad? Your stomach? Perhaps it was a drink that didn’t agree with your body.”


“Let me see. Where does it hurt? Inside?”

I was knocked down onto the bed.

“Um, my head hurts a little bit……”

A sexy ikemen pushed me down but why did it not seem like a sexy development at all?

“A headache, huh. What about your body? Is there anything that feels uncomfortable?”

“Not really. Ah.”

I turned crimson with embarrassment as Cainlot-san began to examine my body lying on the bed in a negligee by touching each individual part and asking “Here? Is there any change here?”

Thーthis was just a part of a safety check!

Cainlot-san had no other intentions for touching me!

That’s right, there’s no other reason!

“……What about fever?”

The knight seemed to be trained in dealing with injuries and sick people in case of emergencies. After his brisk actions were finished and he confirmed there were no painful spots on my body, Cainlot-san covered me with the blanket then checked for fever.

This surely was checking!

Why are you bumping your forehead against mine?

Is this the method knights used to deal with sick people?

Even if you’re doing it between fellow knights, wouldn’t it be a problem!?

“……Yes, you don’t have a fever, but……your face is a little red.”

It was because a cool ikemen knight wore a worried expression at point-blank range.

“Do you feel bad? You’re flushed.”

A large hand calloused from holding a sword gently rested on my face.

Stop! Don’t stare with those blue eyes while rubbing my cheek!

As long as Cainlot-san’s beautiful face was so close, my face will be red!

It’s embarrassing!

Too attractive!



I don’t know anymore!

“I have a headache……is it because I drank too much?”

I was uneasy.

I examined myself and found that there was no problems anywhere (except for my mental state! And it was all Cainlot-san’s fault!). Cainlot-san took unexpected action when he saw obvious traces of crying around my eyes.

That is, he hefted me up in his arms along with the blanket.

“Hyaa!” I screamed when my body was suddenly lifted.

Cainlot-san, as expected of a knight, was very strong.

I was held carefully and gently rocked while he peered into my face.

“Then you had a scary dream. Poor thing.”

Eeeeehhh? What was this situation!?

“Alright, alright, don’t be scared anymore.”

This seemingly ore-sama ikemen knight, despite his cool and handsome face, was holding and rocking me gently.

There was a huge disconnect.

And I didn’t know what the best thing to do was.

“There, there. You’re a good girl. There, there.”


That seemingly loving smile, I’m folding eeeeee!

“Cainlot-sama……No matter the circumstances……that……”

Lina-san, who was watching, had her mouth open in surprise as expected.

And then, she put her hand on her forehead and said “Ah, Cain, do as you wish. I don’t know anymore,” with a sigh and went to prepare tea.

Lina-san abandoned me! Ahhhhhh!

While I was stunned, Cainlot-san carried me to the sofa and sat with me on his lap in order to comfort me while patting my back.

“Eh? Eh?”

Wasn’t this being treated like a baby?

And his face was too close!

As soon as I looked up, there was Cainlot-san’s well-proportioned and masculine face.

I was reflected in his soft and shining blue eyes.

I was of course not an innocent baby. Various emotions boiled within me.

“Hey, this, wait.”

When I came to my senses, I became flustered and panicked and struggled with the blanket. Cainlot-san misunderstood that I was frightened and hugged me tightly.


“It’s alright, calm down, Michiru. There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

Can you calm down!

Uwaaa, I’m currently being held against the sturdy chest of an ikemen knight!

I managed to endure because of the blanket between us, but the sensation of hard muscle and the manly smell made me dizzy. If the blanket wasn’t there nosebleeds would have already spurted out!

It’s entirely your fault I can’t calm down!

Yes, thanks to the kind Cainlot-san the uneasy feelings from earlier were blown away.

Instead, I was caught in a feeling of embarrassment I couldn’t endure a second longer and the strange sensation of my heart going dokidoki1 in my chest.

What will you do, Cainlot-san? Will you please take responsibility for playing with a maiden’s heart!?

It’s no good, it’s going to explode!

Ah, it seems like I was an easy woman after all.

Lina-san giggled, somehow getting over the situation, and set tea on the table.

“Cainlot-sama, please give me a break. You don’t seem to understand at all, but Michiru-sama isn’t a small child, is she? If you treat her like a child, she’ll be confused.”

Rather than confused, I’m in agony!

Cainlot-san looked at my bright red face and tilted his head.

“Is that so? I don’t feel any discomfort doing something like this. When my younger sister cried over a bad dream, this was how I calmed her down. Is this no good?”

“Well, it’s different when it’s your younger sister. As for other women, it’s common sense it’s no good.”

『My younger sister』he said. Cainlot-san was a real brother!

And for mercy’s sake, feel uncomfortable, please!

“……Er, thank you very much for your kindness, Cainlot-san. Yeah, thanks to you I’m completely calm now.”

I said, with the intention to get down from his lap but Cainlot-san stood up again with me in his arms.

Sapphire eyes gazed at me while he murmured gently.

“Don’t speak so distantly like that, Michiru. I am your adviser in this world, and I wish to be your support, so rely on me to your heart’s content. If you have another scary dream, don’t hesitate to tell me. I don’t care if you call me in the middle of the night.”

In the middle of the night?

What would you do if I called you in the middle of the night?

No way, did he mean going into the same bed and rubbing my back……or something like that?

On the sa…same bed, lying underneath a blanket with two people!?

In the middle of the night, we’re going to be alone in the same bed!?

Eeeeek! I’ll die!

I’ll die of embarrassment.

Ah, please, don’t excite a maiden’s heart anymore, ikemen knight!

Cainlot-san set me down on the bed. In the provocative act of being gently laid on the bed by a man’s hand, I, who was not an innocent little girl, had all sorts of dirty fantasies run through my mind and cried out (gyaaaaaa) in my mind, and writhered in agony.

But don’t get me wrong.

It was the onii-chan power that drove him.

It was the sense of duty of a knight.

In his eyes, I’m just a reflection of his 11 year old sister.

……how futile.

The place where my heart beat was empty of passion!

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  1. the sound of a racing heart.

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