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The girls-only night continued.

We didn’t have much information yet so there was nothing to do but chat and to enjoy oneself with carefree drinking.

“By the way, orange headed Maki-chan, I’d like to ask you something.”

“Sure, Senpai, go ahead.”

With a glass in one hand, Maki-chan responded to my words while vigorously drinking.

“Maki-chan, how old are you? There’s no way you skipped classes and are actually 16 years old, right?”

If Maki-chan was a person of this world, there was a possibility she wasn’t as old as she seemed.

“Huh? What are you talking about? I didn’t skip anything so I’m 20 years old.”

“I see. Senpai is relieved. To tell you the truth…”

I told the story about Cainlot-san thinking I was a young child to Maki-chan who burst into laughter, “……Are, are you serious? That little princess was 7 years old!? Estelia people grow really fast!” and was satisfied with her disbelief.

“If I’m not mistaken, Michiru-senpai was was seen as young even in Japan. I wonder why that is. As expected of a yōkai, you don’t have enough pheromones. You don’t have to reproduce.”

Hey! You’re a rude drunk!

How could you talk like that to your Senpai? It’s a big mistake if you think you can say anything even if it’s true. Don’t be conceited just because you’re a popular girl.

I’m not a yōkai!

“In Japan, you don’t look 11, but if you’re a senior you’d still be wearing a sailor uniform.”

Anyone can wear that as long as the size fits.

But I don’t have the courage to wear a sailor uniform at this point.

It’s not because I look like a middle school student!

“The present day fashionable sailor uniforms don’t suit me. If I wear it, you’d certainly get the impression of the Shōwa1 era.”

“Ah, I see. It’d be like seeing a school ghost2 , right?”

“Maki-chan, it’s not good to compare Senpai to a ghost!”

“Sorry, zashiki warashi.”

“That also applies to yōkai!”


Maki-chan apologized without meaning it and drank a yellow fruit drink. I drank it too. It was very tasty. One glass was already empty.

“Okay, but Senpai and the cool looking ikemen knight seemed to be the around the same age of 23 years old. I wonder how the growth process of people work here. After accelerating to some extent will the growth curve become gradual? It is magical influence, or is this actually a harsh and tough world and if you don’t grow up quickly like wild animals there’s a high chance of dying? We only looked around inside the castle so we don’t know the current state of things. In the first place, what is the nature of magic? Pulling people from a different world requires a tremendous amount of energy. Ah, there’s a huge pile of things I want to find out about in this world.”

Maki-chan was a popular girl with trendy looks but she was surprisingly smart.

I praised her by shamelessly patting the orange-brown head.

It’s bothersome but we need knowledge and information so let’s start investigating things one by one tomorrow. Now, let’s take a shot of this strong liquor!

“Let’s go!”

“That’s why I said to an extent……I mean, look at the sorry state you’re in.”

I was scolded by the blue headed ikemen knight over my foolishness.

“I beat it into your head beforehand to be careful not to drink too much but it still didn’t stick. I’m a pathetic caretaker!”

As expected of a knight, the way of scolding was stern and unbearable.

“Ahー I’m sorryーI’m going round and roundーstopーI can’tーI can’t stand itー”

This dead drunk zashiki warashi wanted to leave this argument. He pretended to be an Ice Prince but the reality was that of an onii-chan knight. Cainlot-san tried to stand me up somehow with his hands under my armpits.

“Back to your room.”

“Ahahaha, that’s ticklishー”

“Michiru! You……”

“That’s not a good place to touch.”

“No! I don’t feel the slightest bit ashamed.”

“Let’s give up on standing, yeah, good night.”

“Michiru! No, don’t sleep!”


This zashiki warashi didn’t want to stand but to curl up comfortably on the floor of the room. I tried to crawl onto the fluffy carpet but『Cool Mother』Cainlot-san wouldn’t let me. I let him waste his muscles to easily lift me back into the chair.

If you’re an onii-chan, you’re strong!

I was dizzy and felt like falling out of the chair so I tried to hold onto Cainlot-san’s body. The gentle Cainlot-san supported me with an arm around me.

“Honestly, what a bad drunkard. I should have waited in the room to keep watch.”

“No, Cainlot-san’s a pervー”

“Eh? What were you doing!?”

“Nfufuーit’s a se・cr・et only for girlsー”

I went on a trip to a different world and was full of tension. I just vigorously drank alcohol with Maki-chan to relax!

Thanks to my body I can’t stand!

And my guard and adviser as well as my guardian, Cainlot-san was angry.

“You’re still a child. I can’t take my eyes off you for a moment.”

Onii-chan, don’t be angry.

“I’m not a child anymore,” I said while knocking at my head.

“Don’t try to be cute! It’s no good! Good grief, if you’re an adult woman you shouldn’t drink until you’re drunk and defenseless!”

“Hehe, I won’t do it anymoreーbut the alcohol was delicious.”

When I looked up at Cainlot-san’s face and laughed, for some reason a smile was teased from him. His face stiffened with panic.

“Anyhow, drinking alcohol is not allowed from now on!”

“What, no way. Onii-chan, Onii-chan, Onii-chan.”

“ForーForgive her!”

“Yeah, forgive me!”

Maki-chan, who was lying down on the table, charged into Cainlot-san. Even drunk, as the tsukkomi3 , the respectful junior wouldn’t fail to miss a point.

I grabbed Cainlot-san’s jacket and chanted “Onii-chan, Onii-chan” while in a very good mood.

“I get it. You’re a good girl. Let’s go back to your room. Come on, get on.”

Onii-chan, ah no, Cainlot-san, crouched to show his back to me so I moved from the chair to Cainlot-san in a slime-like fashion.

“Wow! Onii-chan’s piggybackー”

I snuggled up to his back and rubbed my face on it.

Rub, rub.

“Hey, cuーcut that out!”

For some reason, Onii-chan’s voice seemed happy.

“Mufufu, gentle Onii-chanー”

“……These people are being love-dovely and flirty in my room. I seriously won’t forgive themー” The Priestess Princess sulked.

After wrapping my arms around his neck, Cainlot-san stood with both hands supporting my bottom.

“Well then, Priestess Princess, please excuse me.”

“Yeah. Michiru-senpai, best regards. Go back at once, please!”

“Bye, Maki-chan. See you tomorrow〜”

“See you tomorrow, piggyback ghost.”

And then I was sent back to my room with my face pressed again Cainlot-san’s broad back…… but I had no memory of it at all.

“Ugh, my head hurts……”

I’ve always wondered when I read wonderful stories about trips to different worlds.

How did all the main characters suddenly thrown into another world remain that calm?

I thought I would panic, became as rigid as a stone, and wouldn’t be able to do anything.

Because it would be a supernatural phenomenon, right?

It wasn’t like the “Anywhere Door4” a certain cat-like robot would surprisingly deploy.

I was suddenly thrown into a strange world surrounded by strangers in an unfamiliar environment and without knowing who my allies were.

However, my trip was incredible.

In this situation, I was swept away by the circumstances and ate a delicious meal before taking a bath, drank alcohol until I was dead drunk, and before I knew it I was asleep immediately after getting into bed and slept like a log until morning.

Maybe I was extremely blessed with my trip (the food was delicious, I was treated carefully, and the surroundings were full of beauty), but when people get into emergency situations, they produce too much adrenaline in order to protect their lives. What you don’t want to think too much may be sealed at the back of your head.

“Here……Where was……”

When I woke up in the morning and saw the unfamiliar canopy of the bed, despite my body being fully rested I was suddenly struck by anxiety.

“That? Mom?”

Even though my eyes were open, I didn’t wake up from my dreams.

My mom wasn’t here.

“My head hurts……Mom……”

This wasn’t my house.


I wonder I far I came from.


I’m scared.

Help me, Mom.

“Good morning, Michiru-sama. ……Michiru-sama?”

Having come to wake me up, Lina saw me curled up and trembling under the blanket and gently touched my shoulder.

“Michiru-sama? Are you feeling sick? Where does it hurt?”

“……What should I do? I suddenly got scared……”

I can go home, right?

I’m just an extra that tagged along with Maki-chan. It was just a supporting role without a goal to complete.

I can go home, right?

I can return to Japan right away, right?

What if I can’t go home.

If I can’t go home.

I won’t be able to see my mother anymore.

Even though I was 21 years old, and may be laughed at as an adult, I was dominated by the fear consuming my body from the inside out and had no choice but to curl up and tremble with tears in my eyes at the burden on my shoulders.

“I want to go home.”

“……Yes, that’s right. It’s different for the『Savior Priestess』but it’s to be expected you would be shaken after going through the experience of crossing into another world. You poor thing……It will be okay, Michiru-sama.”

Lina-san’s warm handed rubbed my back.

“It will be okay. Michiru-sama has us and there must be a way to return home. Surely, God knows.”


“That is right. Michiru-sama was called here by the power of God. Right now, you’re full of things you don’t understand and are driven by unease. It’s okay. We can investigate together on the meaning of Michiru-sama being here and how to return home. Cainlot-sama and I will stand by Michiru-sama.”

“Lina-san, are you really on my side? Will you help me find a way home?”

When my face peeked from the blanket, Lina-san smiled. “Yes.”

“There is plenty of time, so let’s drink some hot tea first. It will calm you down.”

“Yeah. Thank you.”

At that moment, a knock was made and the door swung open with force.

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  1. the period during which Emperor Shōwa reigned in Japanese history (1926–1989).
  2. the word used here is jibakurei which is a ghost that haunts a specific location.
  3. almost like the Western equivalent of the straight man. Or can mean reacting to something silly.
  4. a gadget from Doraemon that lets the user teleport to where ever they like.

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