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T/N: Sorry this is out later than usual. I blame my first aid course that started real late than ran real late.

Ōsawa Michiru, 21 years old.

Although it was a rental, I wore a delicate blue and green furisode1 at my coming of age ceremony.

I’m an adult. I can also drink alcohol.

Currently, after becoming caught up in a trip to a different world due to my university junior, a knight from the nobility of the fantasy country of Estelia was patting my head.

With a sword on his waist, an ikemen in form-fitting knight’s clothes was in front of me. A wonderful man that looked like a cool ore-sama knight.

His tall body was bent to place a large and warm hand on my head that said “good girl, good girl.”

It didn’t make me feel bad. Rather, it felt strangely good, and it gave me a warm feeling like a cat that had been picked up.


With the way my underclassman Maki-chan got her hand kissed by a prince, I’m very conscious of the difference in our treatment.

Um, it seemed there was a big misunderstanding between the two of us.

Yeah, the knight’s gentle smile was undoubtedly filled with affection for a small child.

Even so, to have an ikemen stroking my head was a bit embarrassing, and my cheeks were tinged with a considerable amount of heat.

No way…….

Is this what head pats felt like?!

Incredible, the power of head pats!

I came back to my senses.

I felt like cheating on my age and hugging Cainlot-san while shouting “Onii-chan!”but I wouldn’t be able to endure it if they found out my mischief. Ahem, I prepared myself to tell the truth.

“Uh, Cainlot-san. It seems that Cainlot-san sees me as fairly young but that is a big misunderstanding. I grew up a long time ago. I’m an adult, sorry.”

It was embarrassing to have my red face seen so I tilted my face downward while I spoke little by little.

“So, um, that is to say, I’m not a child, so……”

However, the experienced knight of Estelia was not moved at all by my words.

“Is that so. To already be treated like an adult, you must have come from a country where they come of age early. In this country you are still considered a child, therefore you can act spoiled, you know?”

Rubbing circles on my head, the ikemen knight gently narrowed his eyes.

Uwaaaa, the thoroughly kind older brother, Cainlot-san!

If you say that, I’ll explode!

“Onii-chan!” I want to shout while jumping enthusiastically enough into his chest to hit my head and nose.

And, how old did you see me as!?

Crouched in front of me, Cainlot-san gently peered into my face. The ikemen knight’s face drew fairly close. His smile had outstanding destructive power.

Beautiful sapphire eyes sparkled and made me want to lick them.

When you see a beautiful stone, you want to stick out your tongue to lick it, right?

That kind of feeling.

Eh, that’s not normal……?

Get a hold of yourself, Michiru.

If I carelessly licked them, I would be exposed as a pervert. The misunderstanding would follow me in the future. I tore my eyes from his fascinating ones and quickly stepped back. Cainlot-san’s hand was left suspended in the air and somehow his expression seemed a little lonely so I had a faint sense of guilt.

“No, no, it’s not something like I came of age early or anything like that. I’m really not a child. I’m 21 years old now.”

The hand that had been suspended in the air fell down.

“……21, you? Two years younger than me? How can that be.”

Surprise flashed across Cainlot-san’s face and he stared unblinkingly at me.

“I’m really 21.”

“Michiru-sama is 21 years old? Eh? Surely, you’re joking?”

“Not you too! I’m not lying, I’m 21! I’m an adult woman!”

Even Lina-san was surprised.

Then, it wasn’t just Cainlot-san’s misunderstanding.

Meaning, to the people and imperial guards of Estelia, I basically looked like a child.

I’m somewhat depressed.

I’m a complete zashiki warashi.

“I’m very sorry.”

Feeling down, I unintentionally apologized.

“Er…… you aren’t mistaking it for 11, are you?”

“That’s right, she might not know her numbers well yet……how much of your education have you completed?”

“I graduated primary school, middle school and high school, and now I’m a college student! I’m not mistaken about being 21! Ah, Cainlot-san, I can say this with confidence! Okay……”





Just now!

You looked at my chest, didn’t you?

The straight natured ikemen knight openly looked at my chest with suspicion. The voluptuous Lina-san made a similar face full of doubt.

Well, too bad!

I was a『grown up』zashiki warashi.

I was no longer a child.

I was a splendid adult.

Even if a part was lacking in the growth department, there was no reason for these two people I’ve just met to look at me with those kind of eyes!

Flying into a rage, I smacked my palm against the face of the knight who was behaving very impolitely toward a woman with his mouth wide open.


“Why did you do that!?”

The ikemen knight was naturally surprised by the sudden slap.

“Just now your extremely improper thoughts were transmitted to my heart, so I had to protest a little!”

I declared with upturned eyes at the rude knight. Cainlot-san’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Those sinful thoughts deserve certain death in my world! I am extremely hurt!”

“……It can’t be, you possess special powers!? You can read other peoples’ minds!?”

“I can tell what you were thinking without that! So, as expected, you really were thinking something rude, Cainlot-san!” I said while crossing both arms over my evidently meager chest.


“No, wait, I wouldn’t have such impolite thoughts about the person that appeared with the Priestess Princess.”

“……I don’t believe you.”

As I stared at him with eyes full of suspicion, Cainlot-san stretched out a hand to ruffle my hair.

My hair!

“No, what are you doing.”

“I simply thought that in your world, you grew up while staying very cute.”


He grinned broadly.

With a smile that scored full marks in destructive power, the ikemen knight slept talked while awake3. He stroked my head while speaking gentle nonsense.

Michiru, don’t believe his nonsense! It’s no good, ahhh!

Blood rushed to my face.

Uwaaa, it’s head patting!

This is what they call head patting!

I was about to be seduced with the head pats again!

That’sーthat’s right, I was simply embarrassed by the situation!

I made excuses in my heart in my panic.

“There’s no way I look 11 years old because then I would be around the same age as the Princess of Estelia I just met!”

I declared upon recalling the beautiful girl from the audience room.

The cuteness and glitter really differed from me.

However, Lina-san had a strange look on her face.

“Yes? Michiru-sama, Her Royal Highness, Princess Lishel, is only 7 years old.”

“Eeh, sevーseven? That princess?”

I stared fixedly at Lina-san, but she nodded.

“Yes, 7 years old.”

Thinking back to the light lavender-blue hair and gold eyes of the pretty girl in the audience chamber, I was astonished.

That child was 7 years old? Impossible! I can’t believe it!

That growth was too fast!

I returned my gaze to Cainlot-san.

If that girl was 7 years old……I, I certainly looked like an 11 year old. Aha, ahaha…….

Cainlot-san watched me laugh sadly with a frown.

“I see, so this is the appearance at 21 years old. If that’s the case, you may be targeted by men with a taste for young girls. I must guard you very carefully.”

“Taーtaste for young girls.”

There were sexual deviants in this world too!

“You may not be aware of it, but there are men with strange hobbies in this world, you know? Nevertheless, I will always remain close to guard you, so have no fear.”


Even though he was aware of my real age, this person’s kindness was unwavering!

Maybe, he wasn’t the cool ore-sama character but the natural onii-chan character?

“What’s the matter? Did I scare you?” Cainlot-san asked while combing through my hair with his fingers.

The smile that crossed his face was filled with fondness as if to give me peace of mind.

“You will be fine because I am here. Believe in me.”

Uwaaaaaa, I’ll explode if an ikemen said that kind of signature phrase to me!

“O……Onii-chan…… An onii-chan?”

Feeling shaken, I involuntarily muttered.


He covered his face with a hand and turned away.

I had a feeling I heard “Cuーcute” just now?

I was hearing things, right?

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  1. a type of formal kimono with long sleeves worn by young unmarried woman. It’s commonly worn for coming of age ceremonies or other formal events a woman in a furisode
  2. a word shouted out in Zen Buddhism and other East Asian martial arts school to help focus energy.
  3. probably referring to the fact that sleep talking may not make any sense to listeners.

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