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“Excuse me.”

Lina-san, using honorific language with me (a person without an important role), due to the influence of the Princess Priestess, brought in a man who appeared to have been waiting outside the room.

I stood up from the sofa to greet him.

“This is the knight, Cainlot Dentavis -sama. He was chosen to be Michiru-sama’s guard and confidant.”


When I saw the person who followed Lina-san into the room, my jaw dropped.

What? What? There’s an ikemen here too!?

What a grand entrance!

A clearly beautiful form, a living game character walked in!

Seeing him tall and slender in a knight costume, I grinned.

Because the development of the different world template had began at last.

Despite me being an extra, an extremely cool person arrived.

“A princess called Michiru, is it. I am Cainlot. I belong to the Knight’s Order and as of today, I have been assigned exclusively to the princess. Please treat me well.”

He said with a stiff facial expression, his masculine voice resounding.

Nice, Cainlot-san!

I’ve already memorized your name, Cainlot Dentavis-san!

His brisk movement and sharp gaze, and no-nonsense-like ore-sama1 atmosphere was very appealing. His close-fitting knight’s outfit looked good on him with his stoic presence and tickled my uniform moe fancy. And of course, his body was the slender masculine type2 that everyone loves.

And his hair!

Giving off a cool aura, his ice blue hair shone magnificently.

His silky and moderately long hair reflected light around his beautiful face. Looking at him made me reflexively go “ah” and almost stagger.

Furthermore, his eyes were dark blue like sapphires.

Ah, he’s exactly like an ice prince!

The character type I like the most was real and standing right in front of me.

Uwa, what a sight for sore eyes!

May I worship him?

I, who had been captivated by him finally returned to my senses.

“Ah, uh, likewise. Thank you for your support.”

I said and activated the extraordinary smile I used at mixers.

Unfortunately, no man had been caught by it so far, but that’s ok.

A smile was important. For the people I would be involved with in the future, I wanted to make a good of an impression as much as possible. Especially in these circumstances I was thrown into without understanding much of anything, strategizing with my image was important.

The young knight Cainlot-san knit his eyebrows. Was it because he thought I was a shady woman from a different world?

Or was it my extraordinary smile was regrettably lacking in a woman’s charm and was insufficient in power to leave a good impression on him?

Despite the flashy visuals of ice blue hair and blue eyes, his countenance​ lacked softness. He was beautiful but he didn’t appear ostentatious. Appearing to be a person who fought with a sword for a living, he gave off the impression of a tough ikemen.

In modern terms……he was sort of felt like an idol dancer?

Although he was a knight there wasn’t a brawny or rough feeling from him.

With muscles like springs, he was a beautiful slender young man with well-defined muscles.

Yeah, very good!

He’s definitely cool.

If it was as I thought, I’m sure he was a very popular person in this world, and for me, a traditional Japanese styled black haired and black eyed beauty……Sorry, I lied. For this plain zashiki warashi, he was far beyond my reach.

Understood. I won’t ask for too much.

It was enough for the plain child to squat in the corner of the room to quietly watch the ikemen.

“Cainlot-sama is among the most skilled in the Knight’s Order, and as a noble he has varied knowledge about the country and the world.”

Lina-san gave him an introduction.

Wow, a beautiful face and skilled with a sword among other things, this person was popular without a doubt.

And a nobleman, huh?

The cool ore-sama nobleman, that’s great. My favourite.

I must be his friend by any means.

It doesn’t matter if I come in last.

“That is very reassuring, Cainlot-san. I suddenly came here and don’t know what’s what. I was actually quite discouraged. If you wouldn’t mind, please let me discuss various things with you.”

I smile with plenty of friendliness (yes, even for a plain child it was important to be likeable! Smile with all one’s strength!).

He said “of course” with a nod. “I plan to support you to the best of my ability.”

Waa, what unexpectedly kind words!

It was probably a thing like『accomplish one’s duties without fail』but as I was in need of allies, I was grateful for even one.

“I am a lower-class nobleman but I have moderate information and connections. I also have a good position within the Knight’s Order so I have some influence. Lina here is a veteran lady-in-waiting, an influential person who has served the royal family. You can ask us anything if you have any concerns or experience any difficulties. Rely on us without any reservations.”

After he declared that, his severe expression crumbled and an unexpected gentle smile graced his lips as he nodded at me.

“Ah, thank you very much.”

Uwaa, he was different from his image!

No way, I didn’t think the cool ore-sama knight-sama would show such an unexpectedly gentle smile. I was violently shaken (oh, despite his cool appearance, he might be a really good person) and pressed down on my chest.

Because he became even more attractive when smiling, he made a pure maiden’s heart whose age = history of not having a boyfriend go thump-thump.

……Oh, was I even easier than Maki-chan?

Well then, this was the pot calling the kettle black.

But, Cainlot-san was too much to my taste! The fluttering of my heart was inevitable!

For the first time, I was glad that I came to a different world!

Unaware of the likes of my thoughts and without erasing his gentle smile, the serious knight-sama spoke.

“Despite being so young, you were caught up in something as terrible as crossing into a different world. And likely at the age where you still yearn for your parents love.”

“……? What?”

Cheeks hot from watching the ikemen, I heard words that made me tilt my head to one side.

I’m young?

I yearn for my parents’ love?

“It’s okay, there’s nothing to be afraid of. I’ll protect you so the bad guys won’t get close to you. Don’t worry.”

“……What? Eh? Ehhh?”

When he approached me, his tall frame bent at the knees, and he rested the palm of his hand on my head as if saying “good girl, good girl.”

“Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid.”

“Ah, ah, um……”

“It’s alright. Don’t be scared. That’s a good girl.”

The knight’s blue eyes sparked like jewels as he murmured sweetly and gently.

But the contents of his words were not like a lover’s sweet words at all.

“There, there. I won’t let anyone be mean to you. You’ve done well.”

My jaw dropped for the second time looking at Cainlot-san’s beautiful face as he stroked my head gently and tried to sooth me.

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  1. ore-sama is a narcissistic way of saying “I” or “me.” A “ore-sama type” is generally a person that is arrogant and narcissistic and regard themselves highly.
  2. the term used here is hoso matcho which refers to guys that are muscular but are still slim

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