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“Well, Maki-chan, I’ll see you later.”

“Yes, Senpai.”

“If someone approaches you to make a decision when you’re alone just tell them you’re tired to delay your answer. Depending on the situation, you can pretend to faint. Maki-chan is important for the well-being of the country, so I think those with ulterior motives will try to use you.”

“I understand.”

“And, don’t be easily pushed down by the crown prince. I get that his looks are distracting but your judgement will falter. Just picture him as a tanuki ornament1 when you talk to him.”

“Shigaraki-ware2, roger.”

After imparting wisdom to Maki-chan, we parted to be led to our separate rooms.

Unlike Maki-chan, whose summoning had been prepared beforehand, the people of Estelia had hurried to prepare a room for me who had appeared suddenly in an accident. It was away from Maki-chan’s room but it was still in the royal palace. I thought it was good that her influence had made me moderately important.

“Princess Senpai, this way, please.”

A lady-in-waiting named Lina-san (a colourful beauty with orange hair and pink eyes) met me at the audience room to show me to my room.

She was mistaken about my name though.

Yes, Estelia gave me a personal lady-in-waiting before I noticed it.

Now, was this out of the kindness of their hearts or to keep a watchful eye on a stranger from another world?

But this Lina-san seemed kind and good-natured so I decided not to think too much of it and to take it as good will instead. I needed a woman I could consult with anyway.

Besides, because I was a third wheel, there was the possibility I could be separated from Maki-chan, or confined, or put in jail, or driven from the royal palace.

Yeah, I’ve read that kind of dark developments in novels. That pattern was really not good.

However, if I showed proper thanks and courtesy, and cooperation from the beginning without any carelessness, they shouldn’t treat me badly in the future.

At least I hope so.

I earnestly hope so as a helpless female college student.

The room that the lady-in-waiting guided me into had a living room with an adjourning bedroom that had a bath attached. It wasn’t that spacious but rather felt cozy. The whole interior was arranged with unobtrusiveness in mind. For a room in the castle it wasn’t too gorgeous. It had the atmosphere of a place to lower your guard and take a bit of a breather.

Yeah, I really liked it.

Involuntarily nervous, I sat on the sofa and exhaled “fuu”. Lina-san made me a cup of tea. I was overjoyed with the accompanying piece of delicious-looking cake casually set beside it.

“It must have been hard to cross the world with Priestess-sama. Please take a short break.”

I was certain the gentle speaking Lina-san was a high-ranking noblewoman. Her manners were refined and quiet femininity exuded even while at rest.

If I’m not mistaken, a lady-in-waiting differed from a servant in that they underwent an apprenticeship to learn good manners because it was their job to assist their mistress. Lina-san must be an elite.

“Thank you, then I’ll enjoy it without reservations.”

The brewed tea had the same flavor of black tea. My eating habits should be fine in this world. How reassuring. Nibbling on the cake, it had plenty of familiar dried fruit and was very delicious when eaten with the fresh cream served with it. It relieved me even more but you have to be careful not to over eat and gain weight just because something was delicious.

“Um, is Maki-chan’s room near here?”

“If you don’t eat, you won’t grow,” Lina-san encouraged but I refused the second serving of cake with broken hearted thoughts (what would I do if I grew sideways! But I really wanted to eat it!) and asked

“Can I freely meet with Maki-chan? Or are there any restrictions on my actions?”

To take on the responsibility of being my lady-in-waiting, someone who had come from another world, Lina-san must know about the summoning and had a fair amount of insider knowledge of the circumstances involving the extra person. There was no way she was just an ordinary noblewoman.

“The Priestess Princess’ room is located in the center of the royal palace. When Princess Senpai wishes to see her, a guard will accompany you there so there is no need for you to worry. It will be fine.”

Lina-san, a slightly plump and soothing beauty, might have appeared several years older than me because of her calmness.

“If you don’t mind, I would like to introduce the Princess’ guard to you. What do you think? From now on, this man and I will serve mainly at Princess Senpai’s side.”

Maki-chan aside, treating me like a princess while in a t-shirt and jeans didn’t match at all.

And what was with this『Princess Senpai』.

I wanted to flip the sofa.

“I’m begging you, stop calling me ‘princess’. My name is Michiru. Michiru is fine. I don’t need ‘princess’. And also, I would like to meet the person who will be guarding me.”

“Understood, Michiru-sama.”

Lina-san elegantly held her mouth in check but laughed happily, and called to the guard who seemed to be outside the room.

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  1. these things Shigaraki Tanuki. They’re often placed in front of homes and stores to bring good luck.
  2. A type of stoneware pottery that originated in the town of Shigaraki. The tanuki from above originates from Shigaraki and is an example of this pottery style.

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