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“So, what will happen to us from now on?” We asked the old man who appeared to be in charge of the place.

“First of all, I would like you to have an audience with the Estelia royal family….”

The old man and his blindly gratefulーI meanーhumble… friends? Subordinates? Well, whoever they were, they led us from the room.

The place we had appeared was a stone building that served as a temple and was connected to the royal palace by a semi-outdoor passage like a crossing corridor. The weather was nice outside. I looked around the passage that ran through a place like a garden. There were flowers planted in flower beds and many trees. It was a pretty green environment. As far can I could see by the shadows, there was probably only one sun. This world seemed to have a similar environment to Earth. The biggest difference was likely the existence of magic.

We entered the castle that was the royal palace, and walked for a few minutes before coming to a stop in front of a door where two men who looked to be guards stood. Unlike the temple, the interior and exterior of this place resembled a medieval European castle.

“This room is the audience chamber of the Estelia royal family. The royal family is waiting for the long-awaited Priestess-sama. Are you willing to meet them?”

“There’s a choice here? You mean it’s fine if we refuse to meet them? ” I asked.

“We will not force you. We do not dare coerce the Priestess-sama sent by God. However, in my opinion, the people at the heart of Estelia would certainly like to meet you.”

Wow, the priestess surely was the strongest!


Maki-chan turned my way as if to seek direction.

“It wouldn’t hurt to meet the top of the country and connect the pieces together, right?” I whispered.

We had no acquaintances in this situation. While the priestess was currently revered, it was uncertain how long this regard would last. In that case, it would be better to have a good impression and give off 『good people appeal』in order to receive preferential treatment. We should grab onto the hearts of powerful people tightly whenever possible.

“I understand. We’ll meet them.”

At a nod to the old man, the door opened.

“Presenting the Priestess-sama.”

“Announcing our appearance, how grandiose…….”

When I entered the room, there were more gorgeously dressed people than I expected. Everyone stood while watching us intently and I was taken back despite myself.

This was probably the royal family of this country. However, rather than just blond or silver hair, there was orange, red, pink, and peppermint green. Those brilliant hair and eye colors were impossible on Earth. My eyes prickled with pain because of that excessively glittering sight.

What was going on with their genes? Maybe heredity genes didn’t exist.

In the center stood an elderly old man that must have been the king and beside him was the queen. Their mouths were open in the shape of an”oo!” while looking this way.

There were a princess about ten years old and three prince-like people standing in a line.

Even though everyone had their mouth opened in “oo!”, the oldest looking prince, the prince who would be the next king, was staring intently at Maki-chan. While his mouth said “oo!”, there was a smile on his face that caught my eye.

Everyone was an undisputed beauty. As expected, beautiful blood was in the royal family so it was no wonder they were a good-looking family.

The ikemen1-san2  that stood out the most was the eldest prince.

According to the old man’s introduction, he was Estelia’s first prince, Crown Prince Izlan. He was a prince with no shortcomings. Yup, he looked exactly like a fairytale prince.

He had shiny silky blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes. Of course, his facial features were perfectly arranged. Slender and tall, as part of the royal family he seemed trained in the art of the sword and had moderate muscles capable of carrying out the 『princess carry.』

And, as promised of a trip to another world, when the old man introduced Maki-chan, the awfully charming prince with his fine jewel-like appearance smiled happily and knelt to kiss Maki-chan’s hand.

Ah, Maki-chan’s face became red.

The prince’s blue eyes glittered to an unnatural extent.

Surely, this was the fall-in-love moment!

Feeling something like the loneliness of being left behind, I looked down and laughed “fu.”

It was good that everyone’s eyes were on Maki-chan. I stealthily moved away from the spot of the couple’s meeting to firmly hold onto the position of the bystander.

This was the grand event of the Savior Priestess’s audience with the royal family. I watched the course of events with the gorgeous and sparkling members even Hollywood actors would be amazed by while keeping myself as inconspicuous as possible.

Because I was just an extra.

I just happened to be dragged into the summoning.

It was fine.

I was giving the supporting role of 『Senpai-sama』, the Priestess-sama’s emotional support.

It’s not like I was lonely over not being fussed over, humph.

While I was being a little withdrawn, Prince Izlan held onto Maki-chan’s hand and said, “I feel regretful for the sudden summon, beautiful princess. However, Priestess Princess, I want to assure you that it is no falsehood that we eagerly awaited your return. And with that, I hope that you can find it in your generous heart to lend us your strength.”

“Return……Are you saying that I’m a person from this word?”

“That’s right. This is your true home, Priestess Princess.……If you wouldn’t mind, would you tell me your name?”

“……My name is Maki.”

“Maki……a lovely sounding name. Beautiful Priestess Princess, if you would allow me the honor of calling you by your name, there would be nothing that would make me happier.”

“Ah……I don’t mind.”

“Then Maki will you call me Izlan?”

The two locked eyes with each other.

In the prince’s eyes there was admiration and affection, and on Maki-chan’s face was the feeling of confusion and the faint budding of love.

As I thought, this role was impossible if not for Maki-chan.

Yeah, your choice was right.

It was impossible for a zashiki warashi princess to be an ikemen’s partner.

“Just by existing in this world, you bring stability to Estelia, the holy maiden, Priestess Princess. ……Even though it would be bewildering of me to say something like this as soon as we met, but, from now on, I want you to choose to always remain next to me. ……Will you think about it, sacred princess?”

Oh? An unexpected proposal?

The handsome blond prince seemed to have fallen in love at first sight with Maki-chan. He urged her with sparkling eyes.

“I won’t ask you to answer immediately. I want you to learn about me little by little. ……My heart is already yours.”

Wowーhe even added the sex appeal of a man!

What a man, Prince Izlan!

Flustered, Maki-chan’s lips trembled while blue eyes gazed at her. Prince Izlan pressed his lips against her hand again.

His parents, the king and queen, seemed to be cheering “alright, go on!”in the back.

Was there a benefit to marrying Maki-chan?

“Uh, I’m still confused……”

Maki-chan, while pushed to the brink by the handsome prince, somehow managed to stand her ground.

Alright, that’s the way.

Don’t fall so easily.

You shouldn’t let them think you’re an easy woman, otherwise they’ll take advantage of you.

The basis of negotiation was to persevere until you could draw out better conditions little by little.

Hang in there, Maki-chan.

Shaken by the circumstances, Maki-chan appealed to the prince for time to think, and we were guided to our respectively prepared rooms.

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  1. a term for a good-looking man
  2. -san is a suffix used to denote politeness and is typically equated in English to Mr., Mrs., Miss, etc.

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