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When I came to, Maki-chan and I were in a white room.

We were in a room larger than a classroom. The walls and floor were made of stone that were polished to a shine. On closer inspection, the floor had a strange black pattern drawn on it.

Non-Japanese symbols were densely packed between concentric circles of maximum three meters in diameter and well……it looked similar to a magic spell, didn’t it?

Maki-chan and I were standing closely together in the center of the circles.

There were a number of elegant stone pillars standing in the room and even an altar-like thing. Because it was so exotic, the room seemed like an amusement park attraction.

Also in the room were more than ten people dressed in whitish garments staring intently at us.

From their facial features, these people didn’t look Japanese?

And the color of their hair and eyes didn’t seem human?

Maybe it was because of wigs and colored contacts?


Ho, Maki-chan and I had the same line of thought.

While I was thinking about that in the back of my head, a voice called out to us while we were still standing stock still in shock over the situation.

“Oh, Savior Priestess-sama, welcome. ”

Savior Priestess?

What was this……Why did it seem like the starting scene of an RPG?

Starting his sentence with『oh』, I’ve never heard that before in everyday life.

Making a question mark in my mind, I looked at the white-bearded old man who had spoken while kneeling in front of the black circles. Although his beard was white, his hair was green with flowing yellow streaks that were terribly fashionable. Wrinkles were not only visible in his face but his neck and hands. He seemed to really be an old man and not someone disguised as one.

And the other strangers in the room were dressed in fantastic clothes that would be considered cosplay if you saw them in Japan. Yeah, they really looked like characters in a fantasy RPG game.

No, really, what was going on?

Where were we?


Teary eyed, Maki-chan looked away from the mysterious and smartly dressed old man staring intently at her to me, but I had no answers…….

No, to be honest, I did have several hypotheses.

1. Both of us had lost consciousness after being given a dangerous drug and were now being pranked by cosplayers.

2. This was all a dream.

3. We were summoned to another world.

Ahaha, which one was it?

This felt too real for a dream so 2 was eliminated.

Then maybe 1. This room, this old man, those pretty non-Japanese people standing over there were all real. What amazing planning!

But for a prank, would you really give someone dangerous drugs to make them lose consciousness?

……Normally, no.

A prank……it didn’t seem like one.

Also, I was bothered by why we were able to understand the language.

Because this old man wasn’t speaking Japanese, you know?

At that moment, the gem in Maki-chan hands flashed brightly and caught everyone’s attention.

“The magic stone was sent to you in order to summon you to save our country, Estelia, Priestess-sama. Please help us.”

The old man said with a very serious expression and the others bowed with their hands at their chest like in prayer.

It appeared that Maki-chan was the Saviour Priestess because of the gem in her hands.

Uh huh, everyone seemed awfully serious and the reverence they had for Maki-chan was clearly felt.

Maki-chan took a step back and made a face unbecoming of a girl while from her mouth spilled out, “Aahhhh!……”

Yup, this situation was indeed “ah!” worthy.


Maki-chan, who everyone had been gathered to pray to, looked at me with a pitiful face.

I put my hand on her shoulder with a plop and said,

“Hey, isn’t this like the story of the light novel that I lent you before? Apparently, Maki-chan and I went on a trip to a different world because we were summoned to save this world. Ah, it seems like I’m just a extra though. Maki-chan’s role seems to be the『Savior Priestess』.”

“A different world! A trip to a different world! Savior Priestess! That’s what happened, Senpai!?” Maki-chan said in a rush.

I recalled how light flowed from the gem to wrap around Maki-chan.

The stone recommended by a mysterious man wearing a black veil seemed to be the 『key to cross the world』which had been handed to Maki-chan to bring her into this world.

And I seemed to have been caught up in it.

Ahaha……I could only laugh.

It appeared that women, when push came to shove, had surprising nerves of steel.

I’ve heard that that they were equipped with greater mental strength than men in order to withstand the stress of childbirth.

After that, without crying or making a fuss, we were briefed on the situation for about 15 minutes by the old man. We exchanged looks.

“Senpai, is this really a light novel? I really don’t have any superpowers or anything like that. Is that okay?”

“Maybe you’ll awaken some unknown power in the future. Hey, maybe light novels are actually non-fiction.”

“Is that so. It’s good I read some.”

The person who made the template for another world novels may have been someone who had returned from a different world. That is to say, we had the possibility of returning to Japan!

According to the old man’s tale, Maki-chan was unsurprisingly essential to this world, and she had been destined to come here since birth. After all, that gem had been sent across the world for the sake of summoning Maki-chan. The mysterious person in the black veil was an apparition created by magic.

Maki-chan was originally the only one supposed to be summoned but for some reason the extra that was me also came along and they were perplexed.

“Senpai, thank you so much! I wouldn’t be able to bear it if I was alone so please don’t leave me!”

Maki-chan clung to me with tears in her eyes.

“No, I’m just an ordinary person caught up in this, so I want to quickly go home before I get in the way so……”

“Noooo, Senpaaaaiiii! Don’t abandon me!”

Clinging to my arm was Maki-chan who was in better shape than me. She was 167 centimeters tall while I was 160 centimeters tall. Furthermore, with her bon-kyu-bon1 body I was no match for her physical power. I was securely captured and couldn’t escape.

“Senpai-sama, please save this world with Priestess-sama. Please lend us your help.”

“Senpai-sama, we will do everything we can. I beg you to remain with Priestess-sama.”

“Senpai-sama, it was by the favor of God that you are here. It is inexcusable, but please have mercy.”

The old man and the people behind him appealed to me with fervent eyes. Maki-chan pleaded with me with her own eyes while still clinging to me.

“Senpai! Senpai!”

“Senpai-sama! Please, Senpai-sama!”


And that was how I was recognized by this world as the Priestess’ emotional support.

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  1. literally means “big-small-big” and refers to a woman’s bust, waist, and hip size respectively.

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