Isekai Trip no Wakiyaku datta Ken – Chapter 09

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That night, dinner was served in our rooms and eaten at our leisure.

The Esteria side had planned on holding a welcome banquet for the summoning of the Princess Priestess, but Maki-chan and I were worn out by the sudden change in environment. I didn’t want to be a spectacle for the aristocrats of the country without my knowledge either.…

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Isekai Trip no Wakiyaku datta Ken – Chapter 06

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「Well, Maki-chan, I’ll see you later.」

「Yes, Senpai.」

「If someone approaches you to make a decision when you’re alone just tell them you’re tired to delay your answer. Depending on the situation, you can pretend to faint. Maki-chan is important for the well-being of the country, so I think those with ulterior motives will try to use you.」

「I understand.」

「And, don’t be easily pushed down by the Crown Prince.…

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Isekai Trip no Wakiyaku datta Ken – Chapter 05

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「So, what will happen to us from now on?」

We asked the old man who appeared to be in charge of the place.

「First of all, I would like you to have an audience with the Estelia royal family….」

The old man and his blindly gratefulーI meanーhumble… friends?…

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