Dokuganryū started off an impulse domain name purchase. I’ve got this domain name for five years. I might as well do something with it. Why Date Masamune? Why not Date Masamune? I blame Sengoku Basara for making me like Sengoku warlords a little too much. I know next to nothing about Japanese history. My history minor was mostly Russian history.

Dokuganryū is about a tired college student who blogs about the shitty Japanese cartoons she watches and gacha games she plays. Basically me screaming into the void if you will.


My name is Maryanne and I’m a full time pharmacy student. This means expect inconsistent activity. I’m also very lazy so that doesn’t help.

I’ve been watching anime since before I knew what anime was. I grew up on Digimon, Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon and Yu-Gi-Oh! and have fallen in and out of anime since. I went through my obligatory edge phase in middle school with Full Metal Alchemist and Hellsing but also crushed my soul forever with Honey and Clover. My taste hasn’t changed much since then. I watch too much slice-of-life and sports but I’m game for almost everything. Especially if they include mechas. I never grew out of mecha. I will never grow out of mecha.

I also play too many gacha games. My poison of choice is Granblue Fantasy with a side of Fate/Grand Order. I casually play Shining Live and Touken Ranbu on the side.